New Gal


Hormones can be a bitch. Hope you got it all settled. Primo is in my to do list too.


:joy::joy::joy: that’s awesome! Yeah I’m watered down unfortunately, I’m not fresh off the boat haha. Trying to pick up Tagalog as much as I can. I have family back on the islands that try to talk to me on fb and I try to understand them instead of googling


Yep good now! No need to run that stuff(test) anymore. It made me paranoid I’d end up with a beard if I kept messing with it lol!


I just wanted to let you know that were glad to have you as a member. Im Bigmurph if you have any questions you can hit me up anytime. Im always here to help.

We actually have in my opinion the best ladies on the internet when it comes to knowledge. GRRL is amazing she has schooled me once or twice lol
C4bds or calmbeforethestorm is another great and knowledgeable female.
There are other female members that are around they tend not to post alot but they do log on and read all the time so anything you post is probably helping another female that just might not be confident enough to post.


Thanks so much Bigmurph!! Appreciate it!


Welcome to UGM! - UNITED


Welcome stats are impresssive happy to have your here


Thanks sir!!