New Gal


What’s up guys, new to UGM. Hopefully there are actually other females in here!


Welcome. There are a few just haven’t seen them on in a bit @KodiakGrrl @calmb4dastorm


Welcome to UGM!!! Sorry I have been MIA all!!!


Thanks!! Haha well good. I’m on a couple other ones and it’s pretty…quiet to say the least lol


Looking forward to your input! Do you compete?


welcome aboard. it can be quiet on here but there’s never any bullshit and it’s a breath of fresh air


Welcome to the boards, always glad to have experienced females around to learn both aspects.


Welcome, I’m relatively new here also, and it’s Outfuckingstanding here, everybody is helpful, no disrespectful shit talking, and the srcs are all great!!


Welcome to UGM sister!


I Do! I’m actually a strongman competitor! Lol


Thanks so much!!


Thanks so much! Nice to see another islander as well!!:wink:


You’re welcome! What island are you from?


That’s awesome!! I thought so maybe from the name.


Family is from Pampanga/phillipines


Haha so original, right? I didn’t know what else to put. But yep. Nationals In June!


Nice! What sort of cycle you usually run?


Ay nako! Lol I’m from Barbados


And I may have spent too much time around pinays haha, so I picked up on some Tagalog


As far as gear. I have ran winstrol, anavar and test cyp/enth.(those cycles were more so for hrt purposes, trying to balance myself out, I deal with PCOS, and it causes hormone imbalance) looking to try primo and see how that does for me.