New Doctor for SemperFI



Hey Gang,

Sorry to waste anyones time because this is not an important topic for most people but is a real big deal for me.

I have been seen by an ND for 3+ years for hormone balancing, anti-aging, TRT, and natural alternative treatments. He is a really cool cat and has ALWAYS been 100% supportive and honest with me, The only problem with this relationship is that he is NOT a MD. I really want all my medical care and needs fulfilled under one roof which is really difficult to find until…

After a lot of searching I found an ND who is also a MD. I had a prelim appt last week and she spent 90 minutes with me. We discussed EVERYTHING. She is from the Ukraine and specializes in hormones, immune systems and anti-aging. The small kicker is she is in-network for my insurance and my out of pocket is only a $25 co-pay per visit. The big kicker is she is really cool and very sexy. :wink: She also practices what she preaches and lives a fitness lifestyle.

Back History - I am a 2x survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I have been on TRT for the past 5 years because radiation and chemo shut down my natural test production (less than 120ng/dL).

Just wanted to share that they are out there so don’t give up hope and don’t let someone else take charge of your health.


That’s awesome. Congrats bro. Wish I could get insurance to cover mine.


Thats amazing that you were able to find someone. I was actually surprised when you said it was a woman. I guess I shouldn’t have been its just my doc is a man and I can talk and tell him anything with 100% no shame.
Its in network thats amazing also I pay 155$ out of pocket every month with an insurance plan that I also pay for.
I hope that everything works out


Thats awesome. Now if you could get her to sigh off on some GH you’d be set.


I am set on Rx GH with no cost already. :wink: I use genotropin and humatrope.


Curious question… Why would be shamed to share the same things with a women doctor?


Lemme get in that plan lol


You would be very surprised how many ND’s are covered by major medical plans. Some ND’s are even considered primary care providers by major medical. People just do not spend the time looking. It takes some digging and a few phone calls. And if the labs are coded correctly (grey area) for billing the out of pocket on those can be almost fully covered as well.


Yeah I think I talked to my person about that. My bloodwork is covered just not my test or hcg. But small price to pay to feel so much better (or stock up pharma test lmao - I actually may run the blast with my primo with my stocked up pharma test). She said it’s a pain in the ass and so many tests have to be ran to get insurance to cover the test.


Thats amazing that you are a survivor brotha! You truly are a bad ass Jarhead :muscle:t2: Im very happy for you that you found the right doctor to care for you correctly plus thats even better that shes a sexy momma :heart_eyes_cat: lol


It all matters on state laws. nurse practitioners have total autonomy in some states and are looked at like PAs in others. Naturpathic docs are in almost same boat. Medicare and Medicaid billing along with insurance is toughest for a NMD(they like those letters best) I know it seems to us that it would be great to have a ton of allopathic, osteopathic, NPs etc doing anti aging trt. But again, hard to get paid if not private. When its your living, why not stick with the specialities not under a microscope. Sounds like you found a good one @semperfi. And to be on rx hgh is hard unless there’s something else going on. Could be your hx. But hgh is one of the very very few drugs that although isn’t scheduled, cannot be written for off label use. Usually can write a script for a beta blocker for hemmorhoids if they want. If audited just have to prove another doc would do the same with the same evidence. I’m joking…but that’s pretty much how it is. I can’t believe @semperFi is still on any government insurance from the former days. That would be surprising. Most of my colleagues go into geriatrics but in the future I’m sure preventive hormone replacement, above and beyond today will be huge. Just like laser tx and dermal fillers are getting huge business. As well, in some cases you don’t want everything to be in your medical records. There is still huge judgement and for private disability or short term, transplants…on and on. Everything gets judged and I know there’s always exceptions and such, plus I know very little, but think about little things like depression and gun ownership. U do have the right to file to amend most medical records like MD notes too. Especially if it’s subjective. Just chiming in.


@rnmuscle FYI my GH is sourced from private donors. I am not GH deficient. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want your MD.


Ok. I was just throwing it out there. In on your team either way. I really ,and I know you could care less because you have a strong mindset, admire all who push through things that others whisper about. Especially with the knowledge you have and drive. Private donors are excellent. That’s how some people I know pull it off. They know others with wasting diseases and such. It was a very LA and New York chic thing a couple decades ago.


Grateful for the information that you provided. Maybe someone in the future will read it and it will help them in a personal situation. Thanks @rnmuscle

BTW- I may think I am chic but I am neither from LA or New York… LMAO. :wink: The truth is I know two people that are GH deficient and they receive more than the actually need to administer so after a period of time they have a nice surplus. Call me lucky but I am sad for their health issue… it is a horrible life. If I could take away their disease at the expense of my GH I would do it in a heartbeat… and more!


Funny how things work out that way. Because you care. Lots of dumbfucks don’t. Its always what can I get?


This is a cool post… Always great information here!


I have a ton of respect for you both @SemperFi @rnmuscle! You guys have a surplus of experience and knowledge helping as many as possible! You guys are fkn awesome! Makes me proud to be part of this family at UGM :grin:


Shit man. You’re 1 tough mofo! Respect brother