New Cycle


I still have them over in India you can get them from certain Pharma companies they come with the PIN pre loaded and ready to go. I do believe that it’s a 22 or 23 gauge needle I might be wrong and it might be bigger. I believe that intas and zydus still have them like that


To be honest I started with 22g and didn’t feel much pain either. I’ve noticed pinning with the 25g EOD or Ed… it’s becoming more difficult to get through the scar tissue build up. Maybe I will give the 22 or 23g a shot again.


I feel less pain, a 1 or 1.5 in the delt, then I’ll do 25 or 23,25/ 1. I also like the fact that a 22 will usually 99% never engage a vein. 25,29 can puncture and stay in a vein or cap bed even after drawing back. Seldom when you go in an inch but…


Thanks bud, I’ve definitely been knicking veins in the quads lately.


Haven’t been real active as far as posting my progress lately. I’ve had a couple sepreate difficulties ive been dealing with. First vehicle (transmission issues) secondly internal family issues, and lastly working overtime.

So 1st of all let me catch up over my couple weeks progress ive missed posting. Weeks 3-4 kinda drug as far as gains as i dropped the dbol at the end of week 3 and lost 5 lbs from that Friday-Monday. I wasnt experiencing any negative sides at a high dose so i dropped it early. After weighing myself on monday and saw the loss i picked it back up but at just 25mg a day and gained it all but 2lbs back. Let me also add that I am HIGHLY IMPRESSED with @Omni products the test cyp has me very defined and both compounds together have me up a total of 13-14 lbs sitting at 131 up from 118 . I began week 6 yesterday and the gains are visible to everyone who crosses my path especially those who havent seen me in a month or more. They words are literally to the effect of “my god what have you been eating” Very Pleased:::weight_lifting_man:emphasized text:cut_of_meat::boxing_glove:


Also my pac from landed on 1-2-18, ordered on Thursday and got it the day after New Years which is extremely fast comsidering New Years day was monday and the usps was closed. Very impressed with their speed and the 25g’s are treating me nicely. Thanks again for the referal @Bigmurph and the rest of the brothers who chimed in to help.


Dispite being impressed with Omni, I have officially decided to extend my cycle an additional 4 weeks.

Beggining week 7 thru week 14 I’m going to be bridging over to @Iron_Junkie_Labs test Cyp 300mg still pinning e3d and going to add his Proviron in at 25mg per day to start possibly upping to 50mg per day depending on how I respond to 25mg for the remaing 7 weeks of this cycle. I thought and debated myself on weather to add in some test prop to the mix but things are going so well I believe I will stick to keeping it fairly simple this go around and mix things up for my next cycle.:boxing_glove:

Any thoughts or suggestions fire away brothers.


Hey bro, what was the 15% off code for medlab?


Im not exactly sure…let me look into it real quick when i get a minute but I believe i just googled and found it. I can give you the one I used if you think that it will work



@Fitraver try that. Thats the one i used. I believe it will work, if not I’ll try to find you another one. Just let me know bro.




No problem brother! Let me kno if it works for you.


I have a question i need your brothers help with.
Beginning next week after my last 250mg pin for the week (on Sunday)

Wednesday Im moving up slightly to 300mg e3d but planning on adding in some Test Prop into the mix. Also have will have 2 vials of Cyp 300 on hand. Should I instead of pinning 300mg of cyp on wed and Sat (e3d) should I only pin 150 of cyp each of those days and pin 100mg of prop on Wed, Fri, and Sun (eod) for a total of 600mg for the week or 50-75mg of prop ed. Everything is going fairly well but next week begins week 7 and I’m extending the cycle from the original 10 weeks to 14 and planning on bumping this up to 600mg for the remaining 7 weeks…any thoughts or suggestions? @Bigmurph or anyone else who has any solid advice for me. Thanks fellas and gals :boxing_glove:


Also throwing in some Proviron when the batch gets finished up and makes its way to me sometime next week at 25mg per day.:boxing_glove:


Any suggestions on which way to go on either of these ways? @Fitraver @swole88 @swoldier @TrenGod or anybody here on @UGM. Ive already got a plan in mind but just was seeking advice on possibly a better way of doing it or a different approach. Thanks fellas


I would go with no longer esters which would be the test C but you can add in the prop it’ll just be more pins every week. If you can handle the more pins then definitely I would use the prop as a taper at the end of your cycle so that you’re test levels don’t just go straight down. I believe that using prop as a taper helps you’re body adjust.
Also the longer the cycle the harder pct is to get natual levels back. If you’re going to extend make sure that its worth it and you get everything you can out of it with diet and training.
Do you know what your total test numbers are at?


Not yet @Bigmurph I was planning on getting bloodwork done around week 10 bc it works out most convenient for me then.


And to be quite honest I haven’t decided if I’m going to pct or just cruise. I want to do the pct bc i have most of it on hand already but if im going to cycle right back on after pct I might just cruise. Not really wanting anymore kids as im apporoching 40 this year.


I don’t mind the extra pins at all by the way they really don’t bother me that’s why i decided to throw in the prop along with the Proviron you suggested…