New Cycle


Okay fellas, I was waiting a week into cycle to post anything to see how things went. Let me begin by saying the bbing isn’t my main form of training, boxing is. I’m not a pro. In my teenage years thru my early 20’s I was a rising amateur when life got in the way and suffered a broken femur and arm in a horrific car accident (both on the right side that left me with 2 pins in my arm and a titanium rod in my leg from my hip to my knee) and ended my hopes at a boxing career. I didnt totally give up as I still regularly spar with three pros and work with several amateurs moving up the ranks. (On my off time from my real job that actually feeds my family)
With all that being said lets move onto this cycle (@Omni Test Cyp & Dbol 50mg per day.
Starting weight was officially 118 prior to my 1st pin last monday. This Monday I gained a staggering and to my surprise 8 lbs upon waking up weighing 126. I’ve cut out alot of my cardio for these first 4 weeks until i cut out the Dbol which Im running @ 50mg per day split into 2 doses last week and going to run one dose @ 50mg this week to see if theres any difference. So far so good @Omni oducts seem to be doing the job i have upped my calorie intake from around 3500 a day to 5000 a day and greatly increased my water intake which is causing me to piss an extreme amount while at work…kinda pissing the boss off no pun intended lol but he can get over it lol. @Bigmurph did I post this correctly and in the right section? Still trying to get the hang of this site brother.



You should blow up on 5000. Like hat you’re hulking cuz you can def use the size. How tall are you?




You ever been in the 5k a day group before? I’m at 5500 right now and man it’s a lot of food haha


No I haven’t but luckily for me. I run a kitchen as a kitchen manager from 4-5am till 3pm so I have access to endless amounts of eggs, pancakes, chicken breasts and steak.


Ohhhhhhhh pancakes are my favorite food haha


@Fitraver yeah they’re pretty damn good ain’t they hahaaa!


I had no idea that you were into boxing once I stopped playing ball boxing was my love I wasn’t the best at all but really enjoyed being able to beat the shi/ out of each other without getting into any trouble.

5000 you have to have access to free food because I almost went bankrupt on my last bulk and wasn’t even getting 5000 down.
Keep eating heavy even if you put on a huge bloat coat which if you search back through my pics you can find me sitting above 230lb now sitting at 200 lean is so nice. Its not hard to lose just don’t starve yourself down let the workouts do it.
Keep killing it


“Into boxing” is an understatement bro. I eat, sleep and shit boxing brother My natural fighting weight has always been flyweight (112) & bantamweight (119) in boxing & I regularly spar with the featherweights @125 and give them good work but I want to move up to lightweight which is starts at 132 and see what kind of work I can give at that weightclass. The skills are there but the size is a big disadvantage for me but dont think once i hit 125 I’m not gonna get in there a go bang a few rounds out with 130’lbers. Im actually chomping at the bits to get that work lol…just gotta keep eating and pushing harder and harder on the weights.


Excuse me, I meant to say once i get above a steady 125…which at the rate im going could be next week as Im only weighing myself on Mondays and this past Monday was 126 up 8 lbs which half of thst could be water weight.


You’re definitely going to reach your goals especially pushing as hard as you are and you just need to remember to pack that food in get those calories protein fats carbs get that all in you and keep hitting the weight and you’ll definitely get to where you want to be.


Week 2- Not a whole lot to report this week in the way of gains. Up 1.5lbs, a little disappointed in the scale but as far as the eye test (looking in the mirror) I definitely see a difference and feel fuller all day.

Ups and downs this week as far as feel and intensity on the weights, some days the weights are feeling much lighter than usual and a couple days they seem a little heavier and intensity isnt quite there, maybe this is normal I don’t know. I’m lifting 6 days a week and hitting the boxing gym 3 days a week and I have to say while doing heavy bag work I’m feeling a little more spark and snap in my punches.

I’ll check back in next week for my week 3 update. Anyone with any input, feel free to chime in brothers.


I also want to add that I’m pinning my delts alternating Mon & Thur with 22g 1in, its just an easier angle for me and suprisingly for having a smaller frame not much pain or soreness at all. Yesterday being my 5th pin only 2 have been a little sore, the 1st and 4th. Is this my best option as far as location of injection site?


If you’re only pinning twice a week you can probably get away with that, but I’d still rotate in other sites. It’ll help you get used to other places for when you want to do more oil and need other sites.


Damn thats a harpoon. Have you ever tried 25g to pin with so much nicer and bd precision glide are my personal choice.
You can use alot more sites also alot of muscle on your body to hold that oil


Yes sir! Lol harpoon is exactly what I thought at first as well. 22g is just what I had the most convenient and easiest access to the weekend before starting my cycle. Still have a couple left and then I’ll try the 25g. Honestly I thought it would be a lot more painful than what it is.


I myself used 23g until 2yrs ago 25g so much better for me atleast.
Definitely is the goto


I appreciate that link brother. Im at work right now so I just checked it out real quick. I will defiantly be placing an order when I get home this afternoon.


Yep these guys rock. Also they usually have a discount code as well if you can find one floating around.