Never give up the fight


During the course of this almost 8 years walking with the Lord when it came to training and proper nutrition in restoration ministries what i mostly found was " opposition “. I worked 5 and a half years for a ministry as i was getting restored back to sanity. From day number 1 i found the way to work out and the means to eat better. Little by little i started putting together church donations … like free weights and machines that i fixed myself and convincing my Pastor to have little gyms in the homes. People get fat in the church, most of restoration Pastors don’t really care for exercises or nutrition and they don’t really have any experience in this area that allows them to offer anything at all in this so important part of life. The daily menu is mostly design to manage the finances than providing necessary nutrients. People without vision perish, says the bible…I could not make disciples neither followers…if you all allow me the honesty i faced a lot of barriers and criticism to maintain my own discipline…but i always said " yes sir”, found my own time to train, which meant to sleep less, found the way to eat some little more protein, but mostly put my devotion on the good Lord cause he says: He exults the humble.
Today the good Lord has put me in a position were i can help drug-addicts and alcoholics to recover and part of the this structure is daily exercises and proper nutrition.
Don’t let anybody tell you that you are not good enough, don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t qualify…keep believing in your dreams, never give up the fight…love your brothers but learn to walk away from the dream killer in peace and harmony…You are a champion.
Father in the name of Jesus i pray for the well being of every family on this forum, i pray for the word that came forth that it will land in fertile soil, i pray for a day of Victory in Jesus name. God bless you all.


Love it Pastor…thank you.


You are welcome my brother, I appreciate your support




Amen brother!


Thank you Pastor!! You are the best!!


Keep pushing through pastor good bless you brother


Thanks beloved