Netflix Bodybuilding Documentaries


For those with Netflix, here are some good bodybuilding/training documentaries to watch on a rainy day. I’ve watched them all now, obvious classics, but the CT Fletcher one is kind of odd.

Theres also some on Amazon Fire Stick free and ones you can rent.

  1. Pumping Iron
  2. Bigger, Stronger, Faster
  3. Generation Iron
  4. Fittest on Earth
  5. Generation Iron 2
  6. CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession

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You forgot ICURUS
It was one of my favorites that a whole country supported all there athletes using the best mix of mouthwash aas and then beat the tops of the piss containers with laterally a whole in the wall lol and switched them out and it has been systematically doping its athletes since the late 50s.

That story would have been hard to write if it was fictional being reality is amazing


@UNITED sorry I misread the post… I thought it was @Bigmurph… Funny u mention these… I just started watching Generation Iron today… I haven’t got to finish it yet but I like it so far… I have watched a little over half and have already learned a few things… I will check those others out afterwards!


There all pretty good


@UNITED sorry I misread it and thought it was Murph who posted it…


I’ll have to check that out. Is it on Netflix?


Havent seen this one, ill add it to list, thanks!


I have seen the 1st 3 United mentioned ill have to check out 4, 5, 6, and the one Bigmurph suggested as well. Love me a good flick about bbing :metal:t2::muscle:t2:


No I just jumped in with my big mouth lol


Yeah ICARUS The Russians doping at the Olympics docu


Yeah ICARUS The Russians doping at the Olympics docu
You both have to have seen this and don’t recognize it


Very good show. Watched this Sunday evening after seeing your thread here and its pretty damn interesting the lengths they went to make sure everything panned out in their favor. Dont wanna ruin it for anyone so I wont say much more. Very good recommendation though.