Need some advice for my partner he works about 10 hrs a day then goes to the gym hard on his workout


Im taking all this info because I trust you guys everyone been great to me when I need help but today I felt like the sheep surrounded by wolves because I didn’t know that’s why I came here to ask i take all the info seriously thats why im here.


So I’ve taken every possible drug combo out there. I hate cardio. Here’s the truth tho.

Get him on a PSMF. He will start dropping weight like crazy. Just about as good as if he was on DNP. Without the side effects. Check out Lyle McDonald’s program Rapid fat Loss. Lyles a dick but knows his shit.

He’s too overweight at this point to take stims unless a light amount of ECA stack. Once he’s ready to move forward into more cutting then we can discuss Tren, Prop, Winny and other things including T3 and clen but he’s just not ready for that IMO. lyles program is great and I used to have people dropping nearly 1 lb a day on it.


And Bigm i think you’re the greatest guy ive met so far because you’ve been straight up honest with me willing to help whenever I have a question i go to you first and I just want to say good looking out bro whether it’s something I thought I knew or not…


No doubt brother im always here to help anyone who really wants the help.
If your boy needs help get him on and will get started.
Hit me up anytime brother


A strict keto would be great.


Lmao! Im going on my own limb and saying… maybe… if you can get your hands on the legit. Id probably “try” it again in hopes that it was real. thank you keto… real note… debating grabbing the clen. :thinking:


Dammit BigM… you’re the definition of Big Dick Energy… id shake your hand, but you probably have to grab that python with both hands… so thats a hard pass for me! :rofl::joy::rofl: you’re pretty awesome though!


Appreciated brother