Need some advice for my partner he works about 10 hrs a day then goes to the gym hard on his workout


And he is im just seeing if there was something else that could help as well.


Cant out train, out drug or out last a poor diet brother. Its a matter of very simple choices and I think he is man enough to make them if he wants it bad enough.


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He never asked me i was curious myself so enabler you dont know what your talking about


He did not ask me this i was curious myself


Take the advice for what it is worth bro. We are here to help even if the help comes across in a way like something we don’t want to hear… Your friend is not our fist rodeo and I don’t think he is yours either.


I was the same weight 5yrs ago.
In all honesty he needs to change everything or nothing will work.
It takes time and using compounds is not the answer.
He will die of a heart attack or stroke before losing the weight his body is not strong enough to take the stress of the compounds.

You need to get him on a strict diet of if it wasn’t breathing or just in the ground before you cook it don’t eat it.
Im very serious it takes time to lose weight and get back into shape there is nothing that will help him in just a couple of months.
It will take years for him to get into shape and he needs to start off with dedication not compounds.

There is no easy way and everyone here works and has a family and multiple responsibilities.
Saying that he doesn’t have time or can’t is excuses and he is failing before starting if he is making excuses.

I don’t mean to come across harsh but the only way is to be harsh.
Im willing to help but I won’t help someone who won’t put in the work.
Have him create an account that is the first step.

If you or him want help hit me up
If he wants to use compounds don’t hit me up because that is not the way to go about losing the weight and getting in shape.

He also definitely shouldn’t be using any testosterone unless he has blood work that shows he should be on trt.
At that weight he is killing himself taking compounds


Another consideration is body composition. If I train with heavy weights my body weight will often increase. Muscle weighs the same as fat but it looks way different. The scale can be deceiving. 2 decades of training and I gain weight just hanging around the weight room. High reps, low weight will elicit an “aerobic” effect and promote fat loss.

Last but not least. I have a load of friends who did time. Suggesting what are sadly still illicit substances to a “friend” who has a felony record may be a bad decision. I have no opinion on this just want to throw out a different opinion- Don’t use illegal drugs with a felony record.

The only shortcuts involve surgery and dangerous shit like amphetamines. They all equal the same thing in the end though… less calories.

What about some professional help? Sounds like a load of heavy shit in this mans life. Mental health pro, dietitian, MD and lab work to see if there is a hormonal imbalance or shit like a tumor in his gut causing all this. Just ideas…

Best of luck to him. Takes a friend to be honest with you.


Bro. It’s hard to convey in text but I’m really not trying to be a total asshole here. You are enabling him if you’re listening to him make excuses, or making excuses for him. All I’m saying is that most of us work 5 + days a week from 40 to 60 or even 70 hours a week sometimes. I work with my hands all day long on old and new commercial construction. I still eat 5 meals a day and workout 5 days a week. I have a co-worker that just got out of rehab about 16 months ago and got up to 254lb eating garbage. He has an old back injury that constantly nags him. He came to me for help. Instead of listening to his son stories and excuses and letting him continue, I customized a fitness and nutrition program for him and in 8 weeks he’s down to 235lbs. No supplements. No drugs. I keep him on point daily and don’t let him fail himself.


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Well… if he is looking for a short cut show him how to step off the cliff. :wink:


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Its not my personal life like i said it’s a friend i i haven’t seen in almost 4 yrs i was asking for your guys opinions he never asked me these questions i curious for my self to maybe get some input options now all the sudden im an enabler all the animosity towards me for asking questions and feel im being attacked just for some info thats i wanted now all the sudden im a dumb asshole for doing what we do on this site is to help each other out that’s total bullshit…


You’re not an asshole man. I apologize, I misunderstood the situation. I thought these were things he was saying to you in conversation day to day. Hence the enabler comment. I really hold no animosity or ill will to you. I can come off like an asshole, I know. I was giving you my opinion and examples for you to use in his situation. I won’t apologize for that. I stand by the fact that he needs to have a proper nutrition plan. He didn’t get that way overnight and he sure as hell isn’t going to lose it overnight. No matter what he uses, he has to have a solid meal plan and stick to it.


Your trying to help your buddy so are we but the way that he wants to do things or the way that you want to help him is just not the best way and we just want to look out for his health