Need some advice for my partner he works about 10 hrs a day then goes to the gym hard on his workout


Alright hes about 5"11b 270 beenworking out for a few yrs but he can’t lose that gut because he’s had ankle tendon surgery so cant do a whole lot of cardio. Right now hes on just a 1-12 week cycle of test E 2xa week. Is there anything else he can add to his cycle to help him pull some weight i know diet but its hard to eat right when you’re in the carpentry business any advice would be well appreciated like i said its all in his stomach


Caloric deficit is the one and only answer. Track his cals every single day and eat below his maintenance level (tdee). Using a guessing game with foods will make it harder than hell and not be successful. If he’s serious he needs to track his foods and pack his meals every day. There people in tons of different professions that eat on meal plans, so job is no excuse. Just have to want it. Have him invest in a six pack bag.


I know that would definitely help but he’s just a single guy who doesn’t really have the time to do that 5 days a week possibly a few but back to the original question is there anything he can add to his cycle that would also help with the six pack to pull some weight and he definitely is cutting back on the calories i think he said he lost somewhere around 8 pounds in 3 weeks so he is trying i just want to know if there is something to speed up the process. His problem is he did 42 months of nothing but lifting in our states finest correctional facilities but when he came home he just went crazy on anything in sight but his usual weight before that was around 230 so he’s been a big guy he just went crazy when released ( GOT DIVORCED AFTER ABOUT 22 YRS WENT ON A BING WITH WHAT WAS EVER IN FRONT OF HIM) so he’s not a bad guy just divorce almost killed him. Really want to he my bro out that’s all.


If he’s strictly looking for supplement and not diet then you’ve got your standard options: yohimbine, eca stack, Albuterol, clen, t3 … will def want to do your research on them as they all have their side effects. That was ordered least sides to most risky imo.

Ever used any of those yourself?


No never even heard of them


Risky as in how?


Just google them bro. Low side effects include elevated heart rate, jittery, running hot for about all of them. Then clen and albuterol can be hard on heart clen being harder. T3 can fuck with your thyroid. Use them with caution and only after much research if he goes that way. I’d def start with just an eca stack.


@BIGLUZE if he can’t diet properly NOTHING will work short of death. Sure he may lose it with drugs but he is going to put it right back on. He has to get the horse before the cart.


I framed houses for a few years. Everyone has a lunchbox. What you put in it???

Can he swim, elliptical, row…? Loads of aerobic activity that’s not dependent on ankle/foot flexion/extension.

Im gonna go out on a limb and say if he’s that overweight he prolly has some cardiac issues which makes certain “supplements” a difficult choice


If he can’t eat properly and stay on a consistent nutrition plan he really doesn’t need to be running anything. These compounds are supplementary to a strong dedication to nutrition and fitness. They aren’t miracle drugs that will just cut weight or add weight. I just heard a bunch of excuses. That’s exactly what they are. This is the part of this world that drives me crazy. You basically said, he can’t eat right and doesn’t work out properly because of an injury so what drugs can he use to get him there. That’s garbage.


My diet response got shot down :sob::sob::sob:

Everyone wants the easy route.


Ive read up on t3 and clenbuterol but conflicting answers


Please don’t have him start with those :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Especially with the potential for a heart problem and probably hypothyroid issues


And metabolic syndrome most likely at that size and fitness level.



PM me if you think your buddy will listen to a GUARANTEED way to lose body fat…

Oh heck let me just say it… WHOLE FOOD DIET in the appropriate amount of total daily calories. Get rid of all processed food, added sugars and zero high fructose corn syrup.


None of that was excuses it’s the mans life


@bigluze we are not insensitive to the situation but we are giving you the reality to correct it. And @Berserker is right… those are excuses. It’s not what you want to hear but it is the truth.


Thanks fit appreciate the honesty


You’re an enabler bro. You want to help your buddy, stop sympathizing with him and help him to eat properly and workout properly and don’t allow him to continue to find excuses why he can’t