Need help setting up to use bitcoins


having problems set up to start paying with bitcoins. All the apps I have downloaded want me to us an I’d to verify. What app can I use to where I can purchase cryptocurrency and buy shit without having to use my id… I dont have a bitcoin atm within a couple hour of me if I end up I will just make the drive but would rather not. Please any help would be appreciated


oH my a clone of myself…look under the BTC guides on here. I had one good contact on local bitcoins but he still made me send a pic. I know the feeling.


Mycelium app on android. Use the local trader option. Its paid in cash and no one asks for ID.


I dont care to send a pic the thing is my damn licenses are expired and at work we are just starting
a longwall move which means i wont have another day off prob till december to go get them

#5 is perfect, and easy. No I’d, and really not a hassle at all


That’s a great tutorial on how to use locabtc


Thanks guys


Be careful btc just took a 1000$ hit today.
When buying get what you need and transfer fast. I believe that more losses are coming up until the end of year.


Thank you…I did that last time.


Do you know if mycellium with glidera or the card option is immediate. It doesn’t state that anywhere. Heavy tax on the card option. I know you’ve answered this stuff again and again…I am having no luck on local bitcoin.


I actually don’t know to be honest. Ive never used the gildera option ive used the local trade option on mycelium and local btc but ive never used a card to purchase btc.
@TrenGod will definitely know more about this topic.


I’m afraid to ask again…LOL You guys have answered everything for this computer idiot. This is why you pay people for what they know well…I want someone to set all my shit up(all my advanced computer systems😉) so my phone battery stays good, things are saved correctly…its a very anxiety filled experience every time I turn on these devices!!


Im the same way brother im not tech savvy at all thank God for @TrenGod lol
I would be completely lost without him.


$761 to be exact for the downfall in the past 24 hours on bitcoin


Close to 1k for the week


My assumption is that the drop in btc is hard fork taking place with bch… money is moving and since btc was originally affected by bch and its fork of off btc, we will see a steady drop in btc but it will recover… I see btc as a time to buy now if your looking for a quick return… history shows it will stabilize


Its true you always want to buy when there is blood in the streets.


Dude you can really grasp the hard research stuff and explain it very well. That’s pretty impressive, so I don’t believe you😉…but yes he knows that computer and also you both amaze me on the history of the underground lab stuff…I don’t know how to say it. I know its not appropriate but I like to know that background stuff…like what happened to this place and who changed to that. For example hulk, STK etc. The gossip stuff. For lack of better term


I think it’s interesting at this time last year btc was on its way up to 20k per coin