Need Help... Anyone have the skill set to make a banner


Perfect on my Mac @GlycogenGuy. Turn your phone 90 degrees.


Hahahaha who’s the idiot? That would be me. I like the other style better. Thanks buddy


We will be designing another one that will have rotating images of all the Sponsors who have partnered with us. Stay tuned…


@dva check out her graphics bro


Let me know if you need some help. :slight_smile: Thanks for the shoutout @Islandswole.




No problem.


Awesome job @GlycogenGuy


I’ve talked about doing things like this with my wife @mommie2008 but since I got put up in hospital she had been helping with me and doing or move. Any other time you guys need something like this she is very very good at designing things like this!


Totally would have done it too but havent been on for awhile do to everything you said. Lol


SemperFi check your email


Thank you Josh


SemperFi check your mail.


Absolutley… anything to help get involved with and for UGM


It’s a great place. I was a member of. Another popular board and got shit on for being in 2 promos. The people that were harassing me one had 6 promos and the other 4 in 2 months. So I did a little digging and found some of the most respected guys on the board had several accounts do they could de every promo. I come here and it’s only been courteous people and mad respect. I will never go back to that bully board.


Honestly I only stay on this forum. I believe most of the other ones are all just a bunch of bullshit… I recently just got into anabolicdevelepment but that’s because of UGM just haven’t done my intro or anything yet, but I know it’s mostly the guys from UGM