Need Help... Anyone have the skill set to make a banner


I need a members help. I need a banner made for the up coming 2019 NO EXCUSE GAINS COMPETITION. If you have the skill set and would like to volunteer your time for the benefit of the community please send me a PM. We have a very tight timeline and I would like to have one completed by September 14.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


Semper I can do it! I just need to set time aside. What do you need Marine?


I will send you a PM. Thank you for your willingness to help. The generosity of the UGM membership is never ending.


Happy I could help!


Man I love this community, thanks for stepping up bro


My pleasure I appreciate how you all welcomed me and its only gotten better. I’m a loyal and giving person when it’s warranted. For you all on this board it’s well warranted


I’m going get off now and see what I can whip up.




Thanks for your help @GlycogenGuy


You’re very welcome John


@GlycogenGuy is an awesome guy glad to have him here with us!!


I did one it’s nothing special just very busy with work and the fam. If you guys need me to add prizes or flashing and blinking text it’s not a problem. Your web admin just needs to link it to the contest registration or whatever it’s going to. SemperFi will review when he’s done working out.


Occam’s Razor @GlycogenGuy. Simple is the best path. I will check it out when I get out of the gym.

Thank you for your help!


I owe you much more my friend for your life of service ThankYou!


Hey Gang,

A big thank you to @GlycogenGuy is warranted. He took time away from his family to step up and provide a banner design for the 2019 No Excuse Gains Competition.

It took 3 revisions because I like to change my mind a lot and he never once told me to go pound sand. He met our deadline and for that he has our gratitude!

Thanks again GC for stepping up to the plate and doing what I could not do!

Look for the banner to be unveiled in the coming days.



Hell yes thanks bro. Excited to see the new banner. I love how everyone has pulled together in this effort. I was just told about all the grand prize breakdown and this is going to be amazing. I’m going to bust my ass to provide everyone with the best plan possible and I’m going to make this a tough decision to pick the winner. Because you all are winners in my eyes. Let’s do this gang. I will provide you with all the tools to succeed you have to use them and really work hard and I promise it will be worth every second you put in. Everyone is a winner in this. I’m proud of each and every person that stepped up and helped in this effort.


Thank You guy you are all welcome. Happy to contribute


Anytime PHD. Great group of guys and gals.


Here it for everyone to see. Simple but effective. Thanks again to @GlycogenGuy


@PHD @TrenGod @Bigmurph


Why is it cut off? On my end it was perfectly centered. Is this issue on my side or UG