Navigating the board


I have the UGM app on my phone as it’s really the only way I can view posts. The problem I’m having is finding posts/topics primarily in the sponsored section. They all have the padlock icon and I can view certain threads but can’t reply in order to ask questions. How do I go about getting the src threads unlocked or us that section via invite only?
That’s the only reason I’m not really active on here is it’s hard for me to figure out how to navigate the board…as you can tell I’m definitely not technologically savy lol.


To gain access to the source threads you must have a minimum post number of 25 posts and as your trust level increases you may gain access to other section currently locked to you.

If you are a veteran contact me and I can provide you access to the veteran section at this time.

Send me a PM if you have any other questions @rocco-x