Natural supplements or foods that lower blood pressure


Also, get your own cuff so you can check it at home under relaxed conditions. Its amazing the difference it can make. My wife had hers up to 160/100 when she was freaked out at the dentist (following a long drive) . She was denied getting teeth cleaned… drove home 4 hours, relaxed for a bit and se was back to 130/85.


this is why i’m big now on drinking atleast 32oz of real nothing added coconut water. it keeps me so hydrated also it has changed the way I feel ever since i added it to my diet.


I was put on hypertensive meds years ago, for years. Got tired of it, diet and exercise and I haven’t been on meds in a few years. Cardio and weight loss were huge for me. Diet also but I would be lying if I said I was as committed to clean eating at Bigmurph.


Thanks brother that will help a lot!


Been drinking some of that lately definitely notice a difference in hydration!


Diet is definitely the hardest part but hey it needs to be done!


Diet and cardio will do wonders for your health bro you should be on top of both as high priority before looking for supps


I completely agree


Where are you getting pure coconut water, whats the product? I tried to find it for a while but gave up. We recently had a new grocer come into town that carries a much better variety and will special order at request.


Vitacoco is as good as it gets

Just like they say its like sticking a straw in a coconut lol

I order mine from Amazon because you can buy the bulk 6 pac boxes for a good price.


Not a bad deal brother


Not quite in my opinion but pretty darn close for the price. Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water is a ‘top shelf’ coconut water but comes at a ‘top shelf’ price.


That will break me the quart of vitacoco is an average 5-6$ and that hurts

That does sound like the real thing though


I don’t know man I was looking at the nutrition labels of the organic compared to vitacoco.
The organic actually has more potassium which is definitely a plus because that’s why I use it but it also has more sugars.
Im guessing its because the vitacoco is watered down?
What do you think about it?


I don’t really know but I highly doubt that vitacoco is watered down. It may just be the filtration process or the source of the coconuts.

Vitacoco is the best bang for the buck but if you’re a baller go with the harmless.


Im actually going to try it now that I actually have read about it.
I do recognize the bottle and the next time im at that shop im going to give it a try.


@northface384, what is the vitacost product? I cant find anything on it

#38 I’ve gone through several bottles of this. It works great for me.


Blood pressure is so important Trying to bring it down is so important.I have seen so many people who had had strokes that were trying to manage it their way. Once it is controlled then you can titrate meds and try alternate therapies to keep it under control. Thank goodness exercise helps.