Natural supplements or foods that lower blood pressure


Went to the doc for a yearly physical. Blood pressure is a little high. What do you guys take or recommend for high BP?


Blood pressure can be controlled by diet. I’d start there before taking meds or supplements


I love my red meat should I stay away from it?


Maybe limit it to once or twice a week and if you’re diet isn’t clean I’d clean it up till you get it under control.


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Circulatory Support from Vitacost and Golden Black Seed from New Chapter works great for me. Last time I was having blood drawn I think my bp was 126/70. I haven’t seen those numbers since I was 25


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Lower your sodium intake.


Everyone is throwing some great advice your way. I’ve always been a big fan of cardio for the health benefits.


@kingkonggainz what is your daily water intake and are you consistent?


A potasium supplement is known to help.

Saw some bp dr video about potassium to sodium ratios


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It’s all I drink so it’s easy over a gallon


Will check it out thanks brother


Everything above is the first steps to controlling your bp. I suffer from hypertension so I have to take meds but my doctor walked me through many steps before we started medicating.
I was able to lower my bp through diet changes and decrease in sodium which till this day I don’t salt anything and stay away from processed foods as much as possible.
I eventually had to get on meds because it wasn’t low enough. I have recently been able to lower my dose of bp medicine though I believe because of getting into better shape over time.


He said I need to be but figure I try do it natural before going on meds


You should always try the natural route before getting on meds because BP meds also have some bad side effects


I bet !


Here is a link on the Potassium effect.