Naps opinion from a long time customer


Big Murph,

My name is David. After being a 14 year, loyal customer to Napsgear, it time for me to find a new source. This is not easy for me.

I needing your help finding a UL to deal with. I’m not sure talking to you this way is safe. However, in a secure forem, I can tell you about myself, what I’ve used, my trainer, my goals, what I do for a living, etc.

Help me out, will you?


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I of course can’t tell you who to use because that would be illegal but also you really have to research for the goals and the products that you’re going to use.
I can see how naps has such a wide selection it definitely makes it easier but there are other great sponsors who can definitely help you out.
Can I ask what happened that you won’t use naps anymore?

I would also say that you shouldn’t use your full name anywhere on the internet.
Safety and security is #1 so be careful about what type of information that you write.


This is open for everyone to see if you would like to talk in private you can reach me by tagging me @Bigmurph

That will send me a private message


Yeah im interested now in why the change from naps? But like @Bigmurph said there are plenty of great sponsors, good luck in your venture @kalija!