NAPS adds Para Pharma to the line up?

Check it out fellas Para Pharma shipped from the EU has been added to Naps.

The prices are honestly amazingly low.
Possibly to good to be true.
42$ primo e!!???

42 for primo E, good Lord. If it’s legit let me know I will buy 2 years worth

It gets me a little nervous but I was nervous about the bm prominate and I ordered 60 more amps its amazing at 52$

Just saw that…I’ve had nice results with para. But like you said…UGfreak is para go to. Fast to USA.

I saw my buddy got winny as aromasin from freak.
Freak stopped carrying it and it was supposed to be a manufacturer mistake but damn. That has me worried about this brand.

Really, that makes sense I have been taking ug para arimidex and felt like it wasn’t working. I think I need to check it out

I haven’t heard anything about the adex but the aromasin is yellow so is the winny tabs