NandroXl new promo 20% off domestic us

Prices list by email

Evrything from prices list 20% off
-Free domestic shipping
-free gift

Minimum order 200$
Payment :
Money Gram (in location ,not online )
Amazon gift card ( not always)

Shipping only Monday and Friday

New delivery
Sigma orals ,t3,cebar up to 10 days

Order by email:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Wickr: AlphaUSA

New lab results HPLC (Lab4Tox,W&B)
Sigma Pharmacy
HGH 3.3mg (Serostim have 3.4)
Tri-Tren 250mg 251.3mg
Tren Hexa 100mg. 96.6mg
Ment 75mg. 71.9mg
Master E 250mg. 244.7mg
Primabolan 100mg. 97.7mg
Test E 250mg. 255mg
Test C 250mg. 244mg
Deca 250mg. 256mg
EQ. 250mg. 244mg


Nice promo here :hushed::muscle:

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This is an amazing promo considering the products that he carries. If you haven’t requested a product and price list from @nandroxl you definitely need to because he has products no one else has at all and there domestic

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Thx boss !

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You know I love alot of your products

Bump !

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Promo Last 7 days … any customer from Ugm recived order ?

New pct delivery

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I missed the 20% sale :sob: