N8GainTrain Paramexer Athlete FIGHT NIGHT!


Hello UGM, for those who may not have seen, @N8GainTrain is now a Paramexer athlete, I will be working with him this next year to make him even more of a monster. Nate is hardcore and dedicated, he literally fights for his life as a full time professional boxer. I wanted to give him a shout out on here since tonight is the biggest fight of his career. His opponent was talking shit at weigh ins and Nate is ready to give him hell!


I wish @N8GainTrain the best bring it home brother show that man respect but no love in the ring.


Good luck @N8GainTrain :muscle:


Good luck !


That is Outfuckingstanding @paramexer, I’m glad your representing him, and I’m sure he will do real swell in the ring, go get em @N8GainTrain