My wife is always researching and helping


My woman is very helpful and supports my goals. She’s my greatest asset, and I owe everything to her. She makes me these drinks and puts them in the fridge for when I get home, and wake up to. Idk what she adds to it but I know it’s got cucumbers and lemons. I have noticed a difference in my overall health.


Its cucumber water. Many variations of it and these water drinks are popular in europe. Supposed to be healthier then normal drinks. My wife makes these too.


Im right there with you, my wife is what makes all this happen! @mommie2008


That looks real good im gonna have to try that out


Very high in vitamin k which supports hone health, we lift so that’s always a plus. Also a good source if potassium so helps regulate blood pressure, and a decent a amount of vitamin b-5 to help support healthy skin.


And then again it could be laced with pure poison depending on how much life insurance @Jstan has.


Lmao I swear you’re gonna have every guy on here paranoid bro :joy::joy:


That’s golden lol




Thanks. Lmao I did just get life insurance


It is bro. I didnt think it would be at 1st, but I was extremely surprised


I dont know what the hell I’d do without her.


That’s a good woman brother, God bless all our wives/girlfriends who help us achieve!


She’s amazing. I think bodybuilding is a very selfish hobby at times. And for the men and woman who have spouses who support them is a blessing.


For sure bro


I should do that for you and the kids