My trainee


His name is Samson
Breed: Boxer
Age: 16 months old
High: 24 inches tall
Weight: 70 lb
He has been training for 14 months; the first 10 months: 30 sprints mon. thru sat, sund off ( with tennis ball).
Last 8 months: weight pulling 6 times a week: -3 laps with 25 pounds plate+3 laps with 35 pound plate+3 laps with 45 pounds plate.
-1 bowl purina high protein/ morning
-4 protein snacks ( chicken jerky)
-1 bowl purina high protein/ evening
What do you all think of this champion?


What is he training for?


I think he is going to be jacked soon


Samson is a natural athlete, he will stay that way.
If i have have the time in the near future i would like to take him to weight pulling contest, anyways i train hard every day


I’m glad you clarified that brother, I was starting to think you were referring to dog fighting.


I was scared too lol


Samson is an excellent protector, great guard, but more than anything he is a lover…sweetest dog ever. He works as a therapy dog as well.


That’s awesome bro!


Here is my sweet girl, also my therapy dog, her names KIOWA goes everywhere with me!!


She is awesome, she is beautiful. She looks like a lot of fun and love.


She’s miserable in the pic cause I made her sit on the sofa


Good lookin’ dog my friend.