My man Paramexer


Another successful order from Paramexer


Nice haul bro. Let us know how it is.


I’ve been in his tne for the past month I would say and I love this stuff. I use to use the pre workout but after reading post from someone else on here about bb in the past use to use this stuff daily as a cycle. So I take 100mg daily and along with 400mg tren a week and I would say my results so far are great. I keep my meals pretty clean but I do occasionally have a beer or 2 but keep in mind I’m just a average guy trying to look good not compete. I feel great. Better than any test e or c I’ve ever used and I’ve used several sources. Like I said I’m not trying to compete just want to look good and so far thus is my best cycle so far.


Nice man! Glad it’s treating you well.


my man thank you for the order and glad you are happy with the product. i’m sure i will be hearing from you again soon


I really like hearing feedback about our sponsors good or bad.
Thanks for posting keep us updated on your progress.


Am on his TNE as well…it is awesome, so awesome that today before the work out I didn’t take it just to feel the difference… big difference