My intro to Jiu Jitsu


I’m 4 months into the exciting world of BJJ training and I’m happy to report I’m a little obsessed.

Out of 4 months, I’ve spent 6 weeks nursing an injury, Early in the training routine I fucked up some cartilage on the floating bottom rib after training with a really big guy.

Lately the injuries have been minimal, but a constant state of soreness at the elbows and shoulders. I think I am increasing my range of motion one arm lock at a time.
Having never been a wrestler or karate guy learning how to move myself in relation to how my opponent moves has been very challenging, like learning a foreign language.
I can watch a technique, drill a technique and then minutes later forget how to actually apply it while sparring.
Some things are starting to happen on auto pilot, certain sweeps have become second nature. ( electric chair sweep from half guard has been working well against white belts), I know how to get my hooks in and can often get an americana if I get a guy into side control or mount, I still suck pretty bad a getting a leg triangle, or getting much done with legs at all.

Ive been training about 50 50 gi and no gi, traveling to a nearby university to train with some advanced guys in GI and locally with a few white belts and blue belts in no gi.

Sill loving the journey and soaking up info as fast as I can. I occasionally feel like I’m learning too slow, but then remind myself that Ive only got 10 actual weeks of training in. This is no Mc Dojo sport, they guys that stomp me put their time in to get where they are. I’m also 50, and realize that it does affect my performance.


Sounds like you’re really enjoying the experience. You have years on me and I don’t think that at my age I could get in a ring again and subject myself to getting beat down for a good workout.
Ive heard its also great for your mind and overall wellbeing and just feeling better. Minus the soreness lol
Is it true are you feeling a sense of overall well-being?


the endorphin rush is definitely strong, even more so than from lifting. I think the idea of one on one combat, even just for fun does something to our brain’s reward system.

All of the guys I roll with are considerate, but a few of the young guys still just submit me over and over and over… like a dozen taps in a 4 minute roll. Smaller guys and other white belts I hold my own with but the 175 # blue and purple belt guys either smash me or take the time to teach me.
I’ve never thought of myself as a bad ass, this experience has reminded me that being big and strong didnt really translate into being effective at hand to hand combat.

Looking back on my few fights in high school, I fought like a hockey player lol. grab shirt with left hand and punch with right.


Welcome to the jiu jitsu world! Newer big/strong guys are always surprised when a 150# math teacher rolls them up! They usually fall into two camps: 1) fuck this…my ego is destroyed. I’m never coming back OR 2) wow…that little guy rolled me up! I need to learn that! I’m hooked

Glad you’re liking it. Trying to manage an uncooperative dynamic opponent will get you into a whole other level of in shape too


@burrr It is really cool that you are pushing yourself to experience new things and develop new skills. Martial Arts are a passion for me and no matter what the discipline enjoy hearing about others finding enjoyment from them… obsession is just beginning. :wink:

Hope you will share more in the future.


I used to box but I haven’t trained in awhile because I moved they have boxing clubs here but no actual sparing I need to be able to hit someone and get hit back.
Like you said it definitely does something


My no gi chokes…

Cant get a baseball bat choke for shit, gonna take some practice.

Favorite new choke is from gift wrap, use opponents arm on one side and throw a paper cutter on the other.
I’ve gotten pretty good at getting a gift wrap on people but had only used it as a step to taking their back


Just did my first ear drain…
Semi successful but I think I waited too long.
It was the inner part of the ear, not the flappy part.
Not too painful, just a little awkward


Should we start calling you cauliflower… cauli for short? Or do you prefer flower?


Boy I hope not fortunately I get to wear a hat most of the year.
I was really hoping I would be more of a badass by the time I got fucked up ears.


Ha ha


It’s ok flower. We will still love you… FUBAR ears and all.




Damn, same ear got worked over again tonight.
Drained 2 cc from it and have it smashed down under a wad of paper towel and a bandana.

Any advice on keeping me beautiful?


@burrr the only way to reduce the risk is to wear protective gear or avoid trauma all together. What you are dealing with is the nature of the game.

Did you receive any advice from your training mates?


Just the usual drain it and compress it.

I’m not to concerned about cosmetics. Don’t want to interfere with my hearing or end up at the dr dropping big coin.

I’ll keep googling…
Just looking for every trick to control it
Buddy did lian me some head gear to wear while it heals up.
I also need to find a new way to escape triangles, other than just pulling my head out.

Or maybe learn to not get caught in triangles so much.


Just watched some YouTube videos,
Mine is not that bad compared to people that get punched in the ears.
I’ll just wear some head gear until this bout heals up.
I over reacted a bit.


For many years I was pro wrestler, I also train bjj but not so much as wrestling , unfortunately my career has stopped a serious illness and now only trains kids and try not to get out of form, that is more enjoyable than just a fight and competition . My ears look horrible cauliflowers disturb me in proper listening to other people :frowning: So if you have the makings of attacking your opponent with your head stretched forward, I would recommend that you use the protection to avoid such problems. Watch Roger Gracie, Buchecha, Andre Galvao, Marcelo Garcia they are legends. Have a look video fight Roger Gracie vs. Kevin Randleman


Thank you, Denbell.
I’ll check that out.

My ear damage this time is from 2 incidents.
1st was trying to escape a triangle by just pulling my head out.
It was just rolling, I should have tapped.

Second was a training partner trying to finish an arm bar with his foot against the side of my head.

My biggest concern is what you speak of, loss of hearing or expensive surgery to correct my hearing.

I hardly ever train takedowns, so have not encountered that source of ear trauma yet.
When I do push my head against an opponent I will try to use the front of my head, not the side.
I trained with ear guards yesterday, they were fine. I will wear them often.


Correct info about the head gear…wear it for a few weeks. Once you’ve been “popped”, the area is MUCH more sensitive to trauma until it properly heals. Repetitive trauma in short periods of time is a sure way to get exactly what you’re looking to avoid. Stay away from the doctors IMO. We just drain with a 23, but some newer people freak and go to the dr. Inevitably, they come back with their ear filleted with no better results.