My first cycle - Major


Thanks for the info fellas. I think I’m going with .5 on pin days and see how that goes. I got 1 mg tabs and I don’t want to try quartering them.
@SemperFi I’m using nonsponsored gear at the moment as I got it prior to joining here.


I’ve been slacking on my log lately. I was super busy last week and will be this week as well. I’m still grinding away. No weight updates this week since my fancy scale requires certain batteries that I haven’t had a chance to grab. Anyway, here’s my log. Pec dips were done with a 10lb plate. Pause on top and bottoms. Rest times between 1 - 1/12 minutes.


Glad you kept it simple I have seen some bros have bad reactions to certain compounds.
Even test


Yesterday’s log. I replaced the batteries in my scale finally and I’ve been same exact weight since I last weighed 10 days ago. I may up calories for final leg of this cycle. Doing back later.


No going back @Major. Keep pushing forward and finish strong!


Back & traps. 75 second rests.


Didn’t get any lifting in yesterday unless you count lifting my damn water heater out and putting a new one in :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I’m now down .2 lbs. I’m not sure what’s going on. I added 200 cals a couple days ago. Got an abbreviated leg workout in this morning.


The ol water heater workout lol


Well, I’m up a whole pound for the past 3 weeks. I’m not too upset considering what I’ve put on this far. Today was the first time I’ve ever put 405 on my back and I got it 4 times. I’m pretty pumped because my squats have always been pretty weak. It’s getting hard to do leg presses since I have to scrounge the gym for plates so I just did low and low reps today. I finished with drop sets on leg press machine doing calf raises. I started at 150 doing max reps then dropped 10 each time and did max reps all the way to 10 lbs. Talk about burn!


That’s a big squat bro. Nice work. I feel you on the leg press. My gym only has 45s and loading and unloading 25 of those is a pain in the ass. One gym I used had 100s it was nice.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen 100’s but they’re definitely useful for leg press.


@Major,i like your Avatar that very nice lol :+1:


Well, this is week 12 so it will be my final week for me. I’m a little sad it’s over already. My question is when do I stop taking Adex. I’ve been taking .5 twice a week on pin days. Do I run it all the way through pct? I bumped test up to 400/week and began taking HCG 250 twice a week at the halfway point.


Last pin of the cycle was tonight. I decided to cut it off at 12 weeks instead of the 13 I had plan. I’m trying to plan it out where my second run is done before my summer vacation. I’ll see if I can post weights and measurements in the next few days. I’m pretty happy with what I gained in 12 weeks. I also feel I learned a lot too. The only sides I noticed were some crazy libido, some acne on chest/back, and a worn out wife. Stay tuned for final numbers.


12 week test only cycle measurements:

+22 lbs
Chest +1.5”
L arm +1”
R arm + 1.25”
Forearms +0.25”
Waist +0.25”
Midsection (measured at belly button) no change
Quads + 1”
L calf + 0.25”
R calf + 0.75” (Calves are now equal)


I didn’t realize how bad I looked until I compared these two pics side by side. I still have a lot to work on but I’m pleased with the results. First pic was week one. Second was end of week 12. My goal is to cut down to 10% before next run. It will be Test Cyp and EQ with a kickstarter.


You made good gains between the two pictures. Nothing wrong with your build.
You have a good solid look.
Keep killing it brother


Good work bro!!


Lookin good bro, may I ask how the EQ is a “Kickstarter”, as it is not a quick gain type of thing??


Oh shit, did you mean test and EQ, and your adding a kickstarter that you haven’t named yet? My fault.