My first cycle - Major


Well, my one day of rest has turned into 4 days. I got hit with the “man flu”. I wasn’t sure if I was going to pull through or not. I’m hoping to get back at it tomorrow.


That lil adjustment with your toes on the playes really shifts the emphasis and helps create a much deeper stretch in the hams with stiffs. Great point brother


Damn bro. Hope you’re feeling better.


Im going to start doing that thanks for the tip!


Finally back in the gym today. I’m down 0.2 lbs since last week which is less than I thought. Diet kinda took a dump when I was sick. Felt ok today other than choking on some phlegm. Tried to hit a few different areas to catch up plus I’ll be missing Thursday.


Feeling better? Glad to see the sickness didn’t make you lose weight.


I’m getting there. Still not :100:.


Went and got my blood drawn this morning then hit the gym. Hit chest/tris/shoulders. Now family road trip.


Nice work @Major! Thats the way to push through the sickness and still make it a good productive day :wink:


Hit legs today. It was a battle for plates at my gym so I just went low and slow on leg press. Haven’t hit scale in a few days. I’ll check it in the morning. Family all asked me if I was on steroids at Thanksgiving dinner :thinking:.


Back & abs this morning. I’m up 2 lbs post sickness. I’m gonna have to buy a new wardrobe pretty soon. Clothes are getting a little tight.


Lmfao! “Are you on steroids?!” Ive been asked that almost as much as “How much can you bench?” I love the old guys that tell me “I was your size when i was younger!” Yeah ok old man sure you were :ok_hand:t2::wink:


Blood work came back. My estradiol is a bit high so I’m starting my Adex. Should I take 0.5 ed or eod?


Def not .5ed. How much test are you on, 300?




You could do .5 on your pin days some people prefer that. I Iike to split my adex up as frequent as possible as I think it works better Ed or eod. So you could do .25 eod and see how that treats you. If you have caps then you can’t spit and I’d just do .5 on pin days and then get your e2 bloods again in 2-3 weeks.


I use .5mg 24 hours post injection when using a 3.5 day pinining schedule (2x week).


@Major that’s a strong Total T number at 350mg/wk. If the test is from one of the sponsors here at I would suggest posting these labs in their specific sponsor category.


I personally would avoid using adex ED or EOD unless I was estrogen side sensitive or had experience using it. Arimidex has a half life of approximately two days with plasma concentrations peaking in 5-7 days. The steady state concentration of adex is 3-5X more effective than dosing E3D making the possibility of lowering e2 more than desired on 350mg/wk of testosterone.


I was just stating my preference and what worked well for me to keep me right in range on my trt. Everyone has their own way that works for them. That’s why I said he could do as you instructed too.