My first cycle - Major


The VG is by far my favorite!~


I can agree with this. Takes 3ml easy and is in a super simple spot to hit yourself.


@SemperFi you fkn kill me with some of your posts :laughing: always make me laugh brother!!!


Nice work on your log and the workouts bud keep kicking ass!


@Major, what is that log/app?


It’s an app called JEFIT.


Jefit is awesome… that’s what I use to record my workout routines!


Legs felt good today! I had a good workout today with the help of Pantera. I didn’t want to stop.


I fkn love Pantera! My favorite band all-time! Nice job on the leg routine bro :facepunch:t2:


I’ve been slacking on my log. Did a quick back workout yesterday. I was able to work chest today with minimal shoulder pain so that’s a plus. I layed off push exercises for about 2 weeks. Hopefully, it doesn’t flare back up. I didn’t go that heavy because I was a bit nervous. Anyway, here’s today’s work.


Keep it light until you feel comfortable. Better to avoid injuries than push yourself.

Good luck and good gains brother


I’m up 8 lbs as of this morning. Hit traps/delts/abs today.


Keep sharing and keep growing @Major. I enjoy following your log just for the progress updates and I look forward to seeing where you land on this.


8lb is good keep killing it


Small muscle Friday! Arms/calves. Every exercise was superset with the exercise above it starting with B.B. curls.


I missed my log yesterday. I did quads/hammies. Chest/tris/calves today. I’ve still got a week or two before bloods but I can tell the test is up. I feel like a teenager again walking around with a chub all the time. I’ve also noticed some breakouts on my back. On the plus side, I’m starting to notice a little size difference in the mirror. Anyway, here’s the log. I’m still not going 100% on pushes yet.


How is the recovery going overall @Major?

Smoke thats a lot of isolated tricep work! :wink:


Overall, I’m feeling good. I just worry about flaring it up if I go too heavy. I’ve had too many shoulder issues in the past.
I like to throw in some extra exercises when I have the time and the body is feeling up to it.


I hear ya. My shoulder injury was Oct '17 and I still am very cautious. My right side is still lagging in endurance and strength over my non-injured left side.