My first cycle - Major


I have it but haven’t used it. Someone on here said I shouldn’t for first run. I was planning on running it the last 8 weeks going into PCT.


HCG is known to cause testicle aching for some people so that is why I asked.

Did your girl kick you in the nut sack? Need to get laid? If they turn blue put it in hand throw and reduce the pressure. :wink:


Ya know, @SemperFi, sometimes you act like a lance corporal


All good in that department. Only cause I could think of was starting cycle.


I hate when a drug that is supposed to prevent a side effect can also have that side effect lmao. Sounds like every script ad on tv.

This is for preventing diarrhea. Side effects: diarrhea.

Ooooook lol



Well, good news and bad news. My back is about 90% so I was able to work back tonight. Bad news - I was working chest yesterday and something’s up with my right shoulder. It’s not the normal shoulder problems I’ve had before. It’s more posterior and I only feel it when pushing or bringing my arm across my body. So, I probably won’t be doing any push exercises this week.


Tri’s/abs - 56 minutes - 1 min rests
On another note, my boys are no longer aching.


I hate injuries
Take it easy brother don’t want to be put on the side line.


Lately it’s been one thing after another.


Sorry bro. Hope you get them sorted.


Got some leg work in today. I wasn’t feeling it at first but it gradually picked up. My glute was a little sore from yesterday’s pin. First time for that. Then I went home a changed out 4 brake pads. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Finished right at 3000 cal with 316g protein. A bit short but I was hooked up all day. Rest day tomorrow.


Coming up on the end of week 2. My weight is up 5 lbs. I’m not sure if it from the T or from going from Keto to force feeding. Today was a needed rest day. The last few workouts have gotten me pretty sore. I’m not sure why as I haven’t changed anything really. That’s all for now.


When I go from keto to carbs I gain anywhere from 5-10lbs due to the water retention from the reintroductions of carbohydrates. Its normal. You also may be retaining a bit more water from increased estrogen levels from the use of testosterone.


I changed my diet about 10 days before I started this cycle. I gained 6 lbs during that time which I attributed to water. I’ve added 5 more since the cycle. I guess it could be all water since I don’t know when I should start seeing the effects of the test.


Bi’s/forearms/calves today. Nothing too exciting. Upped my calories to 3500 today with 379g of protein. Ahh… the protein farts are in effect.


How much of that 379g of protien is powder?


@Major Get some Protease Enzymes and Probiotics if you are not using them yet. Protease breaks down protein and allows it to be absorbed better. If you start getting backed up get take psyllium husk daily.


2-3 scoops


Knocked out triceps and abs this morning. I was able to do close grip bench without much shoulder pain. I also through in some pec deck to get some sort of chest exercise. I still don’t think I’m ready for heavy pushing yet. Hopefully by next week. I also threw in some calf presses because I’m going to force those bastards to grow.
On another note, I pinned my venrogluteal for the first time last night. I think I found a favorite spot. Much easier access and it went in like butter. I’m headed out of town for a couple days so I’ll see what the hotel gym looks like.