My experience with ephedrine hcl or an eca stack


I have been taking ephedrine now for 2 wks and it has been a great experience. I have high BP so I was worried when I started it and I never wanted to take clenched either. But I figured that if I tried ephedrine and it spiked my BP to much I would just stop. I want to remind everyone reading this that I take medicine for my BP and I believe it has helped keep it under control so in no way am I saying if you have high BP just use ephedrine and you will be fine.
I have dropped 8lbs in 2 wks and I believe that I could have dropped more but with my ruptured bicep I have only been able to do a lot of fast hard walking and also my work is strenuous so I believe that the amount of cardiovascular I have done has helped. I don’t think without the exercise I would have gotten these results but I do believe that the ephedrine definitely helped.
I have been dosing at 50mgs 3x a day.
The effects definitely make you sweat a lot and it crushed my appetite at first for the first few days it was like all food was disgusting and I usually eat like an animal. I got this ephedrine from the store I believed that ephedrine was banned it’s not there is just a restriction on how much you can purchase.
Just wanted to share I know that there is only a little info on ephedrine since everyone likes to take clen.