My cutting process towards a primobolan enanthate cycle


Im part of the 90 day Challenge i started on 8/26 i believe and now its 9/24 so where at a month. I’ve cut down to 195lbs as of this mourning on the scale i haven’t done my bf% yet to give you an accurate calculation but I will update my stats now the reason for me cutting like this is all I’ve been told is if im going to run a primobolan cycle I have to be 10% well I don’t think that will happen but 12% maybe 11 is definitely reachable.So my cycle right now I’ve dropped the tbol and the npp im running a prop taper and hcg to head into a pct in around 3wks maybe a little longer.I believe that I can and will recover and I will have bloods pulled to make sure then its just a waiting game until I really go hard.I plan on running Testoviron depot 500mgs a wk 1-20Some say only run 250mgs I plan on bulking on this cycle so im going with 500mgs.I will also include tbol for the first 6wks at 40mgs Also the primobolan enanthate by thorin one of our verified src who also I got the anavar jollies from there great already tried them before.I will run the primo at 400mgs for 2wks then 600mgs for 2wks if I feel good at 600mgs I will stay there i believe less is sometimes more but if I think 800mgs is needed i will run 800mgs a wk.That will go 20wk for the last 8wks I will add hcg 500iu e5d to help with recovery and the anavar jollies from at 60mgs a day.After all the cutting i did to finally run this cycle I don’t expect to look like Arnold when im done but I want solid abs and lines everywhere.So this will be around March and its going to be a great summer because the bitches are going to love my body with my shirt off. Its on this coming summer I will be completely ripped.If anyone has solid advice about running primo or any critique on the cycle I would like to hear it.Just hit me up at @Bigmurph