Must Read- Sadik Hadzovic Bullshit- Scam- Sellout. Testrol Gold ES



So anyway, I was on instagram and see a post from Sadik. A stupid push for a testosterone booster vid claiming how he was a fan and the benefits of high test. Then he procedes to take the bullshit supplements online.

So for the rookies reading here, dont waste your money on shit on like this. A person with Sadiks size and shape is on real testosterone and just selling out for the money they paid him to take this shitty supplement on instagram to his 1.7 million followers.


In America they passed a law i forget the name but this law guarantees that supp companies will never be able to make anything more than vitamin mixes. They can’t use anything that even resembles a annabolic compound. Meaning any type of pre or pro hormone.
Your right tren he is selling out. I wonder how much they paid him it’s a billion dollar industry so 5-6 figures wouldn’t surprise me.


Yeah. Alot of people were calling him out in the comments but alot of people that looked like they never worked out were defending him lol.