is a very unreliable review site that is controlled by selective scamming sources


Im sorry it came off like that i was trying to point out how good the members and mods were. Just not admin. I don’t want to preach that ugm or any other board is any better. I had someone say to me who cares the whole thing is just about money up at the top and I completely agree.
I saw guys like you and dolf and others get banned and that made me angry that guys who were a huge part of the site were just banned.
This thread is over I don’t want it to seem like im trying to attack mg its not my intention to goto war.


I’m glad its been discussed. Not everyone is clear on what happened and it cant be discussed anywhere else openly. Now onward and upward !




When I have a little more time I will speak about muscle gurus and their love for kalpa. I tried to speak about it there but those posts are deleted and I am banned.
I don’t know of any scamming. Selective or otherwise. Just a lot of fake reviews for kalpa products.


You can post anything you would like to here we are uncensored so please let it rip because honestly I would like to hear more. I have things I can’t say and im hoping that they come out.


My ban from Musclegurus came as no surprise to me, it was my second time being banned for talking publicly about fake reviews for kalpa.

Back in 2015 I was killing time by doing image searches on some new members leaving reviews for kalpa and daddyroids. I found lots and lots of borrowed pictures, sometimes pros and sometimes dudes from gay russian dating sites. I found before and after pics that were clearly not the same guy. I popped in to the kalp thread and made a comment about his gear may be real but I’m calling bullshit on most of your reviews.
The source called for a mod to come protect him from me as I was clearly just trying to damage his rep in order to boost some other source. The mods came, I was banned for a month and was told to no longer make my fake review accusations public but to PM a mod about them. A member by the name of Tonytiger called me names and defend how awesome kalpa was… pointing out if I used kalpa gear I would not look so shitty.
I spotted a few more fakes from time to time and reported them to mods as I was told.

A few months ago I noticed a couple different reviews from a guy sporting the same arm tattoo. One from a member named tigerblood and some assorted bullshit user names. I reported the fake shit to a mod and the mod banned the fake account.
The member tigerblood creates a new account to talk to the mod about his being banned. He does not know he was banned for the arm tattoo matching other reviews. He explains that he had an ongoing arrangement with kalpa for half price gear in exchange for fake reviews. Kalpa had decided that they no longer liked the deal and had cut off Tonybloods cheap gear supply. They had a heated dispute, with kalpa allegedly threatening to send hotpacks to the tigerblood/ tony tiger guy. Tiger is sure that kalpa rolled on him to the mods and explains all this to the mod who passed it along to me.

The Mod is expecting kalpa to get the boot, and so am I. Kalpas punishment for the fake review scam is to be simply removed from his #1 spot in the rankings for a month. I share what is going on with a few members by PM and we are all like WTF??? that kalpa got nothing.

The situation gets brought up again in another thread… but no rules are broken and no sources named. I comment about how I love MG and that we have the best members I’ve encountered on a forum, and that its a shame that when I tell friends about the place I have to include the warning about how the rankings are fake. I comment about how I wish admin was as solid as the membership.
a few days later I am banned.

I dont know of anyone getting ripped off by kalpa, and their gear is probably fine. Its just a shame that they have to lie their way to the top of the rankings and get admin to protect them from membership that calls out the fake bullshit. If MG let sources defend themselves, and just deleted and called bullshit on fake reviews they would be an amazing forum and would have seen their membership continue to grow.

I’ll say it one more time… MG had, and still has some of the best members I’ve seen on a forum. Admin is not worthy of such great members.

I dont know anything about hacking. I dont know whats got Dont Trip so pissed offf at MG. I dont know why Sieg left. I’m not aware of anyone getting scammed.


Im glad you wrote this because it explains to me what the src that was trying to get verified that basically started this whole mess was actually talking about. I was going through the verification process with him conversing normally. I of course ask questions which I research and do other things to verify a src. I asked him a question about something I read at eroids.
He didn’t speak perfect English so I believe that he thought I was asking about something else. He started to tell me this story about how they made a deal with a member and he got mad because they wouldn’t keep the deal going so he started writing bad reviews. I asked him about the deal he told me that they were giving him free gear later he referred to it as sponsoring him. To write good reviews for them for the gear they gave him.
Of course this completely through me off because I was asking why one of the sites he was associated with was a confirmed scam at eroids. He replied with this crazy story. Now atleast I know what he was actually referring to. At the time we were talking I had no idea what he was actually talking about.
Im trying to verify him as a trusted src and he is already telling me about deals like this.
Like you said I’ve never heard anything bad about kalpa gear its actually the complete opposite I’ve had multiple people tell me that kalpa gear is actually really good.
I wanted to say that kalpa is kalpa. The srcs are the srcs. There are srcs on the original thread list that are some of the top srcs in the world. There are alot of layers to this situation some layers just don’t show the same traits as others.

Nice read brother thanks for sharing


I was going to post a recent blood test with the pictures I post from the gear I got from Gear2Go and the picture was gone. I dont know what happen to it, its just odd. Gear2go was good, maybe overdosed but good


We would like to see your blood work brother you can always post it here even if the src isn’t here