Mr bell blood work on iron junkie labs


Bloodwork how come no one posts?

@Mrbell87 did I get the title correct?


Sure did


I’ll be going for the hormone panel in December.


Did you not get your test levels done here?


This was done at my primary doctor. Couldn’t ask for a hormone test. I’m going on Monday for that testing


That was just liver and kidney hep c aids and other std testing


Ahh makes sense. Interested to see your full panel!


I’m going on Monday to private message labs



Did you ever get this done?


I got sick with the flu. Was out for awhile.


Hope you’re feeling better bro. You still on or did you come off?


Just a low dose 250mg a week Four weeks or so more and I’ll jump back on. That’s why I haven’t been as active on the boards. I’ve been doing some reading. I wanna get ready for a cut so I can look mean for summer time. So I wanna be stocked up before I jump back on blast


Fair enough bro! I know @Iron_Junkie_Labs would love some bloods if and when you’re able to.


Mhm Mhm i would ever so love it if you could post some bloods bro! Remember we offer $100 store credit for bloods posted on the bloodwork section here on this magnificent site that we call UGM, and remember to tag us on the post and the more info you leave about how you felt on cycle and best of all how you gained on cycle using our gear the better discount is offered above $100 store credit!