I wanted to announce a new verified sponsor at It has been a little while since we welcomed a new sponsor at UGM.
This sponsor has a great record as a private sponsor and takes security and quality very seriously.
I will be creating a dedication sponsor category soon also.

Please welcome MPGBIO to UGM





thank you. we will be open for new customers for the time being.

we offer a semi-stealth line of products normal but at the moment we will be blowing out some regular stock.

NPP, Sustenon and Test P will be on sale for 30.

[email protected]


[email protected]

for full price lists or contact


Welcome @MPG






Fantastic news…heard nothing but good things. Welcome.


Welcome !!!


Welcome to our UGM family bro! Glad to have another awesome sponsor here with us :facepunch:t2:




Welcome. Would you be domestic USA?








thank you all! and yes we are shipping from domestic US. sorry about not replying sooner.


Hey guys wanted to let the cat out the bag and say that I’ve been using @MPG since the start of my prep. All the products I have from them are top notch. Quality and stealth are awesome. I’m 4 weeks out and holding 215. I’ll share pictures soon. But deff give this guys a shot you won’t be disappointed and the price is well worth the quality.


Good to know. Thanks bro.


Welcome to UGM!


I wanted you to see this post.