MPG Primobolan 200mg/mL



When do you expect to have Primoloan 200mg/mL back in stock?


We have tracking for the new raws coming in so it should be soon. We can not control time in customs, but we will update when ready. If you want some held from the order and be alerted just email me how many and what you need. I will put it aside on list and notify you when it is in.


@Fitraver was also interested in this I think


Thanks for the quick reply. I am certainly interested. I will hit you up.


@mpg primo was legit. I ran it up until 6 weeks out then switched to different compounds


I have been waiting myself. MPG has been updating me throughout the process…good communication. I am lookin’ forward to trying a new line primo. Thanks MPG.


Me too, me too😜


We’re waiting on the latest new raw order on the way which should clear in a week. Unfortunately this last pack has less then we need for all the pre-orders. But more on way as well. Orders will be sent out to the first pre-orders and then down the list.


I placed an order for some of MPG’s primo a few months back. Unfortunately he has had some problems receiving the raw material as he mentioned above. MPG has been personally keeping me updated on its status. Thanks MPG.