MPG Pics of Vials- Semi stealth


We have had several people ask about how our gear looks. As we say the lot number will tell you whats inside. Several people on here can vouche for the quality.

We would also like to state that very soon we will be selling MPG products thru a few other sources so if you see the pics posted on their websites or other forums, it should be legit. If you have questions message us at [email protected]


Look forward to trying your products.


I vouche :100: %


Nice lookin’ product.


I’ll vouch for it!


@phd @josh Post up your reviews.


I’ve posted several lol


Maybe you can provide a link to those reviews. After searching MPG’s section and the review category this is the only one I found. :wink:


I’m pretty sure if you check @MPG website my review is posted on his site! I’ll gladly add my input if anybody has any questions


That’s my thread and you’ll find it on his website


Thanks @josh. Have you used the jollies and could you provide an update on results?


I have used the “jollies” but I only have my word to back it up… so depending on what’s allowed on the forum I would be glad to post anything that is correct

Edit - and pics if needed


You can post a formal review based on the forum rules review outline.


Also @SemperFi im not to sure if I am willing to post results based on the fact that @PHD hasn’t informed me to do so! I’ve got multiple restrictions that dictacte my response


Nothing personal but as a member I don’t see how anyone could vouch for any source and think they will be taken seriously without backing it up with a solid review.


Placing top 10 in the nation is review enough lol


@josh what restrictions are you talking about?


Which products have you used?


I recently just put in an order with them, so I will make sure to post a review on how it went once I receive it.


Thanks @GC1985. What would be even more beneficial to our community is if you waited and posted a formal review AFTER you have used the product and can honestly review it’s effectiveness.