Mountain-man spring cycle


Never had a problem before this will be the 18 or 19 th slin cycle zi do get bloods form my family doc every 60 days his request,my diet is on point never gained fat while on slin but one never knows


@Mountain-man I have never used nor will use insulin so I know very little about it except what I have read or has been shared to me by associates. I was just curious if individuals who have used it regularly, like yourself, notice any specific increases in insulin resistance once coming off?

When I talk to average people about “weight loss” or “fat loss” I use the terms insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance instead. Because the more insulin resistant we are the harder it is to do the other two.

Your insight into the post cycle effects of using insulin would be great to hear.


Myself I have never had a problem coming off same as thyroid meds not sure why I have not ? I try to be safe and smart with use 4 weeks on or less and slin only on gym days now on the other hand igf1 puts me into hypo fast and I feel like crap after I use it
Im sure some guys have insunlin and thyroid problems after a cycle and don’t even know it but so far I have not had a problem!em rebounding


1st day with slin work out days only
4 iu hgh 8 am
5iu slin 830 am
Drink a 50 gram carb,) protien shake
Sipped on a Powerade during workout
After workout 945 am 10 iu slin
Carb,whey,creatine shake
11am high protein med cab meal
7 pm 4 iu hgh


Wow !!!


@Mountain-man Looking forward to your updates. Do you have a specific diet that you will be following while on slin? Is it any different than your diet when not taking slin? Do you stick to the same training regimen on slin?

Sry for the questions… I am a curious cat…Thanks in advance.



Im surprised that you have been able to use slin and thyroid meds and haven’t had any issues.
I know of a guy that worked out in a gym I would goto from time to time and he is a full blown diabetic now.
Good luck and good gains brother


No change really except timing meals and the intra shake after I shoot slin and I will try to keep alll bad fats and cheat meals far away fro slin days but everything else is about the same as my cutt cycle


Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it. Always curious to hear others thought process and applications.


Post a better pic this sunday gentalmen


Great job MM looking shredded! Killin it my brotha :facepunch:t2:


1 hr pre workout 5 iu hgh
30 min pre 8 iu slin with 60 grams carb/60 g protien shake
Standing curls
[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
Pull downs
[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
Drink half intra drink
[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
Kick backs
[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
Press down
[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
12 iu slin with 80 g carbs 70 g isolate,10 g creatine
1 hr later 10 oz ground chicken 1/2 cup rice

The tren ace has me stronger by the day and I have to remember im CUTTING not bulking I could lift alot more than I am pushing
So fact is united make a strong quality Fina I need alot more now,the insunlin pumps are so intense it feels like my skin is gonna tear


Looking good my brother. How is that UG Sust? I grabbed some on that Memorial Day sale. How do you like it?


I liked it alot esp for the price quality was golden


Nice work MM! Looks like an awesome pump workout i bet that insulin has you ready to explode! Good job on log too brotha :facepunch:t2:


It does took a nap after my whole meal ,woke up feeling like my skin was gonna split off my upper back and triceps it was cool as hell


Gotta love those slin pumps! Makes you super anabolic! Toot toot gains train coming through lol :nerd_face:


You planning to run bloods man? Feel like I never see bloods on sust for some reason and you’ve been on that for awhile right?


That would be very helpful to everyone. Not only the community but for the source if the quality is as stated.


Yes once my health insurance kicks in I’ll make a appointment my doc does my bloods 4 tiems a year let’s just say he is open minded ,and a close friend I have to do hgh also for a lab,and my wife will have bloods done been getting bloods while on cycle for ten years lost insurance for 14 mths but it’s back soon