Most of people live their life in an average manner, full of apprehensions, fear to failure ,lack of motivation …but specially by being in the wrong atmosphere… they never hear : you can do this!..nobody tells them: just get up, dust yourself off and keep fighting.
About 8 years ago i was blessed with the opportunity to go to a place where i saw somebody working daily with very difficult people. I saw him forgiving the one that cursed him out, i saw him giving another chance to the one that stole the finances. He stood in front of them and call them: Champions!!. He told them: you are a winner!! We get better because we hear that voice inside of us: Get UP !!! GET UP !! the desire to get better, the motivation to improve starts when we hear strong compelling words to continue, the passion to keep pushing forward comes from that voice inside of me saying so loud: Don" t give up!!
Motivate somebody today! There is someone in your family or at work that needs to hear some encouragement! You…today…be the motivation they need.
God bless you all


Awesome message Pastor thats exactly what im gonna do today much love and respect brother


God bless you beloved


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this @Pastor. Sometimes the only motivation someone needs is that little push of someone else telling them that they can do it for them to go out and do it!


@N8GainTrain i cant agree more bro! Sometimes all it takes is for someone to know that you believe in them to set the spark that creates the internal fire blazing :fire: much love to all my brothers here on UGMuscle! Love being part of this amazing forum and family :blue_heart:


thank you as always pastor god bless


…love this man’s insight.


you are gentleman and a scholar. Thanks


I can be gentleman like but definitely scholarly…lol. Thank you Pastor.