Month of October Verified Sponsor Discounts


Do not forget about the discounts available to all members for the month of October in connection with the 2019 No Excuse Gains Competition. To claim your discount simply contact the sponsor of choice and request your discount before making your purchase.

Titan Training- @PHD 40% discount off monthly training services (regularly $250/month). Six month service contract required. If you choose to pay for all six months training services in a single payment the client will receive the seventh month absolutely free, a $250 value.

MPG Pharma- @MPG 15% Discount from October 1 to October 31. Sponsors minimum purchase applies after discount.

KodiakQueen Pharmaceuticals- @KodiakGrrl 10% Discount from October 1 to October 31. Sponsors minimum purchase applies after discount.

Canadian Made Labs- @CanadianMadeLabs 30% discount from October 1 to October 31. Minimum 3 product purchase required.




Solid discounts from great sponsors.
The coaching is a steal coming from PHD.
This isn’t just a coaching plan from some computer program. This is a coaching plan coming from a top level bodybuilder. If you haven’t seen his pictures use the magnifying glass to search. At the price above you couldn’t get someone at a local gym to count your reps let alone help you with diet and training.
Don’t miss out


For sure bigmurph… if I could help promote the training from PHD more I would love to. And so very true the pictures he shares is out of this world!


You can promote it as much as you want I would like it to be in the titan training category or the contest category.
I would actually appreciate you reviewing your experience im really looking forward to hearing about it.
Im sure everyone else really wants to know what they get and how good it really is.
I know that its an amazing program. I also know that PHD is truly a wealth of knowledge and is highly respected in the bodybuilding community.
I know that you are going to come back after 6 months in the best condition of your life if you truly follow the program.
I really hope that you get some really good before and after pictures. I believe that you are already good sized and after the program of 6 months you could really have some amazing gains that I would love to see like a month after month progression picture. I know that I went 4 months on my last cycle running primo and the difference between then and now for me is substantial.
I wasn’t following a top notch style program either so in 6 months I can only imagine the changes that you will see.
I know @mommie2008 is going to like what she sees LOL
I believe that @Mrs-Bigmurph definitely likes the gains I made

Good luck and good gains brother


I will be sharing my experience every step of the way (yes in the titan training category), currently phd and i are still working on getting my plan in place… So trust me im just as excited as one can be to get things up and running and for all to follow the progress! I did get some good before pictures (which was a different experience for me because ive never done that) but once i got them done my wife realized that I think i sent phd like 16. So he will definetly have some good photos to go by from start to finish. And personaly the photos i was impressed with how i looked with size… but im so used to looking in a mirror sometimes you start picking out your blemmishes to much. Anyway enough said, and Im ready to start the Training, and pretty sure my wife is already excited to see the outcome as well!
As always thanks for the support bigmurph! I’m glad your @Mrs-Bigmurph is supportive of what you do also!


This is true with me also ive noticed that in a mirror I can see myself looking a different way then I see in a photo.
I believe that a photo is more telling about how you really look then the mirror.
I reccomend to everyone, take pictures of yourself and see what you look like in a picture compared to what you see in the mirror.


@members don’t miss out on taking advantage of these discounts through the month of October from a few of our Verified Sponsors and the supporters of the 2019 No Excuse Gains Competition.