Moneygram sent my bread back


Yeah! They all are getting stiff on sending money, especially over seas.


This just made it a lot easier for me thank you. And yes I’m just now reading this LOL


Tonight I’m going to try 2 download Bitcoin on my phone. And get into it. I will give you my most unbiased opinion on how easier or how difficult it was for me haha wish me luck


Make a new topic about your experience getting started with bitcoin. I think that it could really help alot of others get started also


Will do


That’s great I will be looking forward to checking it out if you have any questions hit me up I will help you out if you need anything brother


Looking forward to this bro! I’m still on the fence about crypto. Maybe cause I’m having troubles figuring it out or it’s just out of my comfort zone I don’t know lol.


I appreciate that


the way I look at it, is it’s like jumping off a cliff wall into the water. Everybody else did it and survived, so chances are pretty good I’ll figure it out LOL it will just take me longer probably. I just got to do it.


:joy::joy: great way to put it!


That’s really it 2 yrs ago I barely knew what btc was now I use it for alot of things even for buying from Amazon getting gift cards with a discount there is so much more that you can do with it now its amazing


Discount on Amazon? Do they tell u that on site or app? That’s great! Good for the secret Santa shit, makes you look like a baller when you spend the true limit or over😀


That site allows you to buy anything from Amazon plus get a discount set it for 10-20%
If you set it to 5% its an automatic purchase.
Check it out