Moneygram sent my bread back


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I would refrain from putting these details out like this.

Work with the source and make sure that you sent everything correctly. Correct info? Correct form for pickup?

I am not sure why they would cancel. I know you need to do it in person and not online. What source from here?


MG is the worst bro, for whatever the reason they flagged it, could be related to a number of things. The amount being #1 anything over $300

You will have better luck using Western Union, but not online go to the actual teller to send the money.


go in person and try to send it. online payments can be difficult to get through because fraud prevention


yes everthing correct on my end. just got it back btw thay just said it was “flagged” that’s all and it and was VS. idk why so difficult mg provide a servce but then deciede to pick and choose. dumb as shit. and yes I went to store not online.


I’ve heard stories of this happening. Shitty. May just need to try a different route if the source has one.


could someone explain site edaqutte sp? to me? what is level 2 trust? and I cant find anything that explains that. so I don’t say anything that aggravates anyone. I’m not great on computers but I’m getting better. I’m on I sarms too. and I see them blast new ppl. for saying the wrong shit. I’m trying to get my shit together but I haven’t been home long (jan.) can u pm ppl. here? is it ok? general advice would be helpful.


No worries man, no one here will put you on blast I assure you. Welcome to the boards man. @fitstudboi @Bigmurph @PHD are very knowledgeable in the ways of operating the site… I’m still finding myself around.


It’s all smooth n easy going here like @Islandswole mentioned, yes you can pm people here, welcome back from doc buddy!!


By the way I can barely operate here either


Hows it going brother. Wu and mg were fined millions of dollars for sending funds and not questioning whether or not it was a illegal type of transfer. So they made things very difficult to send funds.
I actually know someone who spent over a grand and wu wouldn’t even refund his money unless him and the person he was sending to fill out a form that asks so many personal questions and then in the fine print you will see that by signing the form you give WU the permission to share the information with HSI .
I will reccomend using cryptocurrancy its fast easy and you won’t get denied. When first using cryptocurrancy it can seem confusing but once you understand you will love its convenience.
Just stay away from coinbase I reccomend free wallet, coinami, local btc, and so many others.


good to know thanks guys. idk bout that bit coin looks complicated but imma look into it. cause I was totally blown earlier.


If you have any questions about btc just start a thread or shoot me a pm


Hey guys, I put this little high level tutorial together to help anyone out that wants to use bitcoins for transactions.

I chose localbitcoins because I believe its the easiest and most straight forward method, not to mention it offers several different payment methods to purchase bitcoins.

#1: go to and click "sign up for free

#2: Fill in required info for your new account

#3: Select “Quick Buy”

#4: Use drop down to select what method you want to use to purchase coins. Paypal, Serve2Serve, vanilla and cash deposit are some of the easiest.

#5: Select a seller, the top listed are most trusted and recently online

#6: Enter the amount you want to purchase and click “submit request” dont forget there is a fee to send bitcoins so if you want $300 its always safe to purchase $310

#7: You will follow the instructions listed by seller to complete transaction, there is a live chat box so if you have any questions just ask the seller.

#8: Once transaction is complete you will now see you newly purchased coins in your wallet in the upper right corner, click your coins to bring you to your wallet to send them.

#9: Click “send bitcoins”

#10: Enter the amount you want to send, today there is $2.75 transaction fee so you want to send enough to make up for that amount.

#11: Enter the receivers bitcoin address that they will provide you and click “continue” and your transaction will be complete!!


That’s a great tutorial bro, I’m sure this will help out a lot of the new guys or anyone new to crypto currency. This should be added to the home page to be honest.


@jayrackets hey bro. I actually made a Walmart transfer the other day to my ex wife and they gave me a hard time. I always send her money from there. So I asked what the deal was. They said the service that they use are getting more strict on sending money because of frauds. They said MG is even worse. They probably flagged it because it looked like a fraud to them. They are just trying to protect people so it’s nothing to be worried about. The BTC transfer will probably be safest. I haven’t done one yet but will Be soon. Good tutorial @UNITED


Gentlemen I’m glad this thread came up because I had this same issue about 2mo ago try to send funds W2W, MG, and WU. The Walmart agent was asking me personal questions like I was undergoing an interrogation with po po in the glass room! Transactions through MG and WU the same and transactions were flagged and funds returned. Only reason I got my money back is because I knew the store owner. I always used a different name, so showing id to get my money would have been a problem!


I’ve added before. I can’t use anything even coinbase, but thanks United, I was just gonna post where is the best. I like the ATMs that you put cash and address and send, but they closed the close one. I tried sending a bit to a well known friend just to see, nope cancelled.


This is great I would like to add that if you look at the banners localbtc is a verified sponsor at ugm just click the banner and you go directly to the site.