Minimizing Water Retention On Cyle



Lmao thats awesome! Youbwould think he would have a hot wife with all his success


Not to mention sex for 8 hours would be inconvenient as hell lol


@MBTJR1980 and @Swest you two guys are so full of crap I can’t stop laughing. Spit coffee on to my computer screen. All the ‘i can do this’ and ‘I can do that’ … Lol… Reminds me of a grade school playground when the kid tells the other kid “My dad can beat up your dad”. Reply “Uh-uh my dad can beat up your dad”.

Keep rocking it because you’re both good at it!


Glad we keep you amused @semperfi
Hope your computer still works- we need a shit kicker like you to keep us in line.
I wonder if @KodiakGrrl does a line in meds for immaturity lol :joy:


Would be with Stings missus- she looks like a big of spanners!!!


@Swest you can’t use those type of sayings with @Fitraver especially with spelling errors. He is more of ‘show me in crayon’ guy. :):grinning:


Read and understood @SemperFi
@Fitraver imagine plastic sack with some tools in it then suck the air out of the bag. That’s what she looks like. :thinking::joy:




Hence the term ‘She looks like a bag of spanners’ @Fitraver . :wink:


Never heard of a spanner lol. Must be too young.


actually I do … and it’s called a swift kick in the ass


Probably just what I need- shame you don’t ship to the UK :joy:


@KodiakGrrl is that in a liquid or injectable?


I think you guys in the US call it a wrench.
The tool, not a Stings wife lol


I do . its just a little extra because of the cost to send it


I can deliver that in both forms :wink:


I will take injectable if you would be so kind. :+1:


think you handle that? could be more than you bargin for


I’ll take my chances. I have had my ass kicked by a girl before… true story 5th grade. :wink:


I’ve made more than one boy cry … you wont be the first or the last :wink: