Minimizing Water Retention On Cyle



Minimizing Water Retention On Cycle

Many individuals experience feeling bloated and gaining water weight on cycle when using longer esters and some orals. Water retention can lead to elevated blood pressure and lethargy. Below is a simple list of things that I do that has effectively minimized the effects of water retention.

  1. Monitor estrogen level
  2. Limit Sodium
  3. Increase water consumption
  4. Increase magnesium and potassium
  5. Take B6 daily
  6. Avoid refined and simple carbs
  7. Supplement with a natural diuretic

My go to natural diuretic is Irwin Naturals Bloat-Away.


Dont forget increasing cardio will help with bloating and overall fat gain plus keeps your metabolism up and heart healthy. I believe everyone whether dieting or bulking should be doing at very least 20mins cardio 3 times a week


Does sex count, cause unless I’m hiking, hunting or fishing I’m not doin cardio


Lol no it doesnt count bro but good try :wink:


good post brother.




@John do NOT listen to @MBTJR1980. He obviously has no idea what he is talking about. Sex does count! Now get off your ass and go do 1.5hrs of cardio… Your way! I would like to recommend the use of @Iron_Junkie_Labs Cialis to assist in the blood flow benefits while doing cardio your way.


Lol i hear ya @John im not a big fan of cardio at the gym atleast. But i am very active all day long (constantly moving)
But i should definitely start doing some treadmill at the end of some workout sessions as @SemperFi stated in this post it is a healthy thing to do and we should all do a bit to maintain that cardiovascular health and edge. Muscles are nice and all but wont do you much good if your easily winded :dash: :laughing:


You wont see me on a stationary machine to save my life. It makes zero sense to me to do cardio on something that goes no where… that is pure insanity. I got better things to do and better ways to get there…insane that is. :wink:


I am active, and I work hard to consume my calories and such, and I don’t want to burn any off, I carry my kayak almost a mile in a few fishing spots off the beaten path and i don’t get to winded so I’m not particularly worried about my cardio. Ha ha @SemperFi so a hour and a half of sex-cardio that will take me weeks


And good advice it just so happens I got some of @Iron_Junkie_Labs Cialis!!


Yeah obviously i have no idea what im doing lol


It is sooooo obvious @MBTJR1980. :sunglasses: Who in their right mind wouldn’t count sex as cardio? You must be going about it all wrong.:crazy_face:


Lmao ok it can count if you are banging for an hour or more :point_right:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Ha ha great article


An hour??- I can bang, go out on the bike and have two meals in an hour. And still have a bit of time to read the newspaper.


Oh please bro i can go for hours my girl usually has to tap out! Lol! I think they fucked something up when i was getting circumsized :crazy_face:


I used to be able to go for hours but that was probably more due to the booze/ coke/ viagra combo (8 years clean now). Dark days my friend. Apart from being able to fuck for hours. I read book by the singer Sting- he practises tantric sex and states that he can have sex for eight hours at a time. Then, closer to the centre of the book there’s a photo of him and his wife- I can see why it takes him eight hours…:joy:


I might have to get me some Dapoxetine…:joy:


Good article. I can’t stress enough about diet. Many people are quick to blame the drugs for water retention when their diet is the main reason they look like shit with a moon face.