Mig 840 is it just EO renamed


I have been hearing from alot of top companies not ugl companies not big international srcs.
Im talking about the big Chinese names that you can’t pronounce and there telling me that they pulled the rug over all the ugl labs and possibly some of the international labs heads by just changing the name from EO to mct which is the base coconut oil and then just started calling it mig 840 because everyone wouldn’t order products made with EO. Lots of people starting complaining that they were getting allergic reactions to EO which ive never had one and neither has anyone I know. Did you know that pharmacom the lab actually made every single product with EO when they first started and they blew up because everyone said it was the best carrier oil and the best gear.
Geneza pharmaceuticals also no one could explain how they could keep so much product suspended without crashing. They were the first with 200mg primo and many other inj orals no crashing. They wouldn’t tell anyone there trick and as you looked at these oils they were crystal clear hmm everyone was used to seeing yellow to brown maybe a light tint of yellow but no one was seeing crystal clear carrier oils unless you were buying pharma grade products and then you were seeing them there also.

My point to this is that I know geneza and pharmacom the lab used EO and because everyone was complaining about the allergic reactions they changed back to gso or mct or whatever would work then one day mig 840 comes out of no where and another company started to have almost all crystal clear products with really high mg/ml.
Dragon pharma and I believe that either dragon pharma changed the formula to stop so many allergic reactions or just went and relabled it with a new name and put an extra molecule somewhere lol.

I truly believe that EO is 100% mig 840 so the point is don’t be scared of EO you can just do like you would allergy inj and give yourself pure EO going up and then going down and you will no longer have an allergy because your body will now have become immune also mig 840 is amazing and has been around for awhile.

Sorry just was thinking about this and had high level people tell me this and I thought that you guys and gals would want to know

(EO) Ethyl Oleate good or bad, Miglyol 840 better than other carrier oils?

Great post brotha, very interesting! From what I understand is that srcs were getting mig840 from Chinese distributors and now the Chinese are simply saying it was EO all along? Is that correct? Also you mentioned coconut oil, I’ll tell you this year’s back when I was still getting finaject pellets, coconut oil was the best carrier oil I’ve used, it was so smooth and had barely any viscosity to it.


MCT is a coconut oil it brings with it great super thin oil and can carry alot of mg/ml this makes it such a great carrier oil. The only down parts about it is coconut oil is meant for warm climates if you send mct or miglyol 840 to a cold climate it will crash and quickly. It doesn’t do well at all in cold climates so if you live in the north say Canada or even the northern United states or the UK 1/2 of the year these carrier oils are not good for you and the region you live in.

ethyl oleate is a fatty acid ester formed by the condensation of oleic acid and ethanol. It is a colorless to light yellow liquid. Ethyl oleate is produced by the body during ethanol intoxication. Ethyl oleate is used as a solvent for pharmaceutical drug preparations involving lipophilic substances such as steroids.
It also finds use as a lubricant and a plasticizer. Louis Bouveault used ethyl oleate to demonstrate Bouveault–Blanc reduction, producing oleyl alcohol and ethanol,[4] a method which was subsequently refined and published in Organic Syntheses.[5]

Ethyl oleate is regulated as a food additive by the Food and Drug Administration under “Food Additives Permitted for Direct Addition to Food for Human Consumption”, 21CFR172.515.

Ethyl oleate has been identified as a primer pheromone in honeybees.[6]

Ethyl oleate is one of the fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) that is formed in the body after ingestion of ethanol. There is a growing body of research literature that implicates FAEEs such as ethyl oleate as the toxic mediators of ethanol in the body (pancreas, liver, heart, and brain).[7][8][9] Among the speculations is that ethyl oleate may be the toxic mediator of alcohol in fetal alcohol syndrome.[7] The oral ingestion of ethyl oleate has been carefully studied and due to rapid degradation in the digestive tract it appears safe for oral ingestion.[10] Ethyl oleate is not currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for any injectable use. However, it is used by compounding pharmacies as a vehicle for intramuscular drug delivery, in some cases to prepare the daily doses of progesterone in support of pregnancy. Studies which document the safe use of ethyl oleate in pregnancy for both the mother and the fetus have never been performed.

miglyol 840 information


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Through all of this I have always thought why don’t ugl and bigger international labs just use the same formulas that the actual pharma grade companies use. Use the archahis oil that Bayer testoviron and other companies use.

The prominate-100mg from bm pharmaceuticals just to give an example is made with 100% EO


Another product made with 100% EO that alot of people don’t know about is Alpha Pharma products

Alphabolin vial. (Primobolan)

Then products made with miglyol 840 a few examples are

Cut Long 300




Great write up, thanks man


Super interesting…thanks.


Hmmm I would like to hear @SymBiotecLab talk about this…where you at Doc…


I can tell you more they are not exactly the same but eo and mig 840 are extremely similar.
If symbiotec does comment im very curious about what he believes about this.


I’m not so sure about this. There are some decent chemical and medical studies that blatantly differentiate these 2 solvents. One in particular can be found here … https://patents.google.com/patent/EP1140068A1/en
In any case, the Miglyol 840 is a closer chemical to MCT, according to this article it is a version of “fractionated coconut oil”


That’s the similarity is the both mct derivatives with just a little changed in there structure


But an alteration in a particular chemical structure makes it a different chemical. That’s like moving carbon atoms on a test molecule to create a new compound but still saying it’s the same thing as test. Am I wrong in this thought process or am I missing something else here?


Oh yes I think that I might have said it wrong eo was a chemical that could hold anything basically they had complaints and then they created mig 840 bit both are mct derivatives and both serve the same purpose


Ohhh ok, now I’m tracking. I thought you were saying that EO and Mig were the same exact thing and the chinese just called EO something different to be able to sell it because people steered clear of EO.


That’s what I got from the title.


can we do a poll of UGM members who are okay taking EO? just to see🧐


Many brands used EO oils but is always mixed with other one …
Brand I have
Alpha Pharma have EO/GSO 50/50
Sigma Pharma Eo/Mtc. 50/50

I am long time in business for now just 1 customer have allergy symptoms for EO
Hplc rapport detected MTc and EO


Yes we can and I will set it up right now


Big + of EO dont need used fat needles easy 26-28g works good … after heat can used 30g …very smooth. Home labs dont used becouse is very expensive compare to other oils