MGT HGH AQUA looking for 5 testers!


Hey guys,

We are new here and we want to send 5 free kits of pre-mixed HGH AQUA 102iu.
We need 5 persons who would like to test our product and make kind of log and what is the main point - blood tests for GH serum and IGF-1.
Dosage and protocol - as you wish.
It will be perfect if 2 persons out of 5 never used HGH or not used it at least last 3 months.

Who want to try ?!
p.s also please write if you never used hgh or already in or have “break” time right now


I would love to try and be willing to get bloods


I have never used gh I actually order some that should be in today… if I am picked I will hold off of starting it.


I’d be happy to give it a try. I’m in a current break from cycle. I’ve never used it before either.


Hey bro I would like to test your product as I’ve used gh for a long time and know what to look for. I’m currently off gh due to a competition this weekend but will be starting back up in a week or two. I’m a top level national bodybuilder and can truly tell good gh versus junk. It Would be perfect time to start fresh with your product and adequately test. I have a dr that will test all bloods gh serum levels and igf levels.

Looking forward to hearing who the members are that you have chosen.


TOOL level for sure :wink:



Hahahahs I think some would say so lol.


Hey @MGT,

I’ve been looking into trying GH. I’ve never ran it before and I’m willing to get bloods.

Your product really intrigued me because it doesn’t require reconstruction.

Honestly I’d like to see what @PHD thinks as well. I always trust and enjoy what he has to say.


Ok then ! 5 testers who wrote first

I need your shipping info guys


@mgt great giveaway! Looking forward to see the reviews by those chosen.

On behalf of thank you for offering this opportunity.


Agreed, this is a great offer and opportunity. Now where do I send my shipping info?


[email protected]

Check out there verified sponsor category for more information


Thanks I was able to get to where I needed. You da man.


Sweeet great giveaway!


Thanks @MGT looking forward to this very much!!


Packages shipped out, track codes I’ve sent as well.
If for some reasons you didn’t get it - please ask me in PM


Damn, I wish I saw this earlier. I never ran HGH before and this would of been a great opportunity. I would of loved to incorporate it in my training with PHD.


Me as well with figuring this into the training with phd but I never saw it until now!


Gh is for sale. You guys are always looking for freebies lol. With gh if you can’t afford 6 months worth don’t waste your time. This was for testing purposes not freebie


1 box isnt enough for a decent gh cycle lol.