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We are offering a massive promo giveaway for all US customers affected by March weather delays where packages were kept with no updates for more than 2 weeks on several East Coast airports.

Despite recent delays, shipping success rate is still at 100% for the last 6 consecutive months from 2 of our international warehouses.

Current deliveries are having a transit time of only 5-6 days at the moment so everything is back to normal.Delivery time is something that we cannot always control due to inconsistencies with various postal representatives but be convinced that in case of any delay bigger than our advertised ETA we will properly compensate you with Discount/Store Credit Coupons or Bonus Products added.

Now, the promised compensation bonus, based on the feedback we received from most of our followers.

100$ Store Credit for our new SEXUAL WELLNESS line - totally free, add your desired products to the cart and let us know the order no.

200$ Store Credit for the same SEXUAL WELLNESS line - only condition to take advantage of this bigger bonus is to submit another order, with no minimum limit.

All orders placed after 12th of March are eligible for this compensation offer, with delays more than our advertised period of time, meaning mostly everything that took more than 8-9 days to arrive to your country

Thank you,
Pharmacom Labs Team