can anyone share there experiences with ment aka trestelone ,injectable ,


The bad-Night sweats, comparable to tren, rise in my core temperatures, I was over-heating all dam day. The good- quick gains, increase in appetite. I stopped it after month n half, my buddy started it also n he is over-heating all day to. He also had good increase in appetite… overall I would rather deal with tren again.


fuckin hell mate ,i couldnt put my finger on them night sweat ,i thought was thyroid ,hormone imbalance.then again 2 days a week i went a bit mad 0,5ml ment and 1ml mtren with test base ,that is zombie rage mode ,never worked so hard eat so much ,i just couldnt eat enough on ment an bolloxs totally shut down ,i expected that though ,next time i use very minimal testerone though


I totally get ya brother, I’m running TNE n injectable DBOL as PWO and I feel pumped and aggressive


I’m using @Iron_Junkie_Labs stuff it’s OUTFUCKINGSTANDING I stopped ment about 3 weeks ago, n I just started tren again, which I said I would never do it again but I’m working on gettin shredded for the summer


iam just doing pct at the mo after using for ages ,i had blods and they were off the charts ,my ball total shut off ,but now after shocking them with hmg ,hcg clomid and nolva .so for the first time iam using ostarin and g/h and i feel better now than when i was on cycles.i think next time i will run ment on its own with just 100mg of test a week ,i was on that much shit i didnt know what was doin what lol,i love tren ace but parabolon made my lung weeze and i couldnt do cardio .i tihnk i going to just use small esters in big dose ,on off on off i think aswell .with anadrol 3 days on 3 off .that coach trev and guru ameen suggested this ,some dont like them but i think they got valid points


I’m currently cycling Ment right now. I have noticed that sides are definitely not as severe as tren. Really the only issue I had was the increase in body temp. At times it would be difficult to get comfortable at night but I certainly am making some good mass gains.


what dosage you talking dude ,? are you running it with anythin elase ?


I did a lot of researching on ment and if it’s all it’s cracked up to be why would you need to run it with other thing Cept maybe some test ya know… obviously maybe a AI or something


sorry i just wondered if dragonslayer was running it with anything beacaue he didnt mention it .


I didn’t really mean it like referring to how him n you were running I was just thinking n talking to my buddy the other day, he is running it with like 5 other things n I said why wouldn’t you just try it by itself with test, you could be wasting money by stacking it with the other stuff. Then he doesn’t truly know how good it can be


think i mentioned before but when i run it again i may just run 100mg of test a week .def use arimidex aswell .your right .that was a mistake i made i was on that much shit i didnt know what was working lol


Trial n error is what is boils down to, I never even heard about ment til like two months ago, so many people don’t even know about so it’s hard to find what experiences people hav had with it and then when you do and you ask about it, you still gotta try it to see for yourself anyways… its fun thought tryin new stuff!!


trial and error yes def ,i heard of it a while back but it was tab form ,then naps were doin it by gp labs ,then i found uk source that was doing it prob done 3 x 1oml vials all together just using preworkout ,i just coudnt eat enough i took it with a bit of mtren now and and some tren ace basically using the tren for the nutritional partitioning but i think it wouls be great on its own with a a/i ,or even some growth thrown in


I have never tried mtren you use it as pwo ?


yes use p/w .stuff i got has got test base with it ,2500mcg per 1xml mtren,and 100mg per1xml test base ,i love it on shoulds day i pin 2ml each side delt ,its good for pump agression and volume training ,try not use all time to harsh , i found it react with me same has injectable anadrol ,pips a bit bad on both but just makes my side delts look bit bigger lol


I’m not gonna try the mtren since I jus started running tren a , I think it will lead to problems with me but I run and mix @Iron_Junkie_Labs TNE n inject dbol and it’s fucking awesome the pumps are sick


25mg/ED along side prop, primo, proviron and tbol.


I added it just to experiment and noticed in my strength within about 1wk.