MENT, TrenA, Primobolan Depot, & Ancillaries


High Quality Packaging and Presentation

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Cycle begins on December 12 and I will begin pinning the Primobolan Depot today. Be looking for my cycle log that I will post in the next couple of days.

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The Cabaser bottle is legit. If you have ever had Pfizer Cabaser you know what I mean when I say that the bottle has the self sealing moisture wicking insert in the cap. :wink:


Damn brother you take great pictures.
It looks like you just did a photo shoot lol
Everything looks really good. Ive always liked the clear labels. Im looking forward to hearing about what you think about euro pharma.


Using a white background always provides a more dynamic photo. A paper towel works great. Even with an older iPhone and fat fingers. :wink:


Awesome haul bro.


Everything looks great :star_struck:


Such a lovely site.


I have the same cabaser sitting in my stock right now, as legit as it gets


I have pinned the EU Primibolan Depot. 2mL in each glute. Oil draws smooth and pins easily through a 25g pin. 48 hours after injection zero post injection pain.

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EU crimped vials-