Member of the month September winner


We have reviewed the member of the month contest for September. It had to go under review because we had a winner through the month and then we had a late entry to say and I and the staff wanted to make sure that everyone was taken care of.
The winner is
@josh please contact @Iron_Junkie_Labs for your winnings and thank you for everything in the month of September.

The reason for the review is this we have a second place winner for September
@EdwardChase please contact @MPG to collect your winnings for the month of September and we thank you for your posts that you have brought to

Please remember to get blood work and to leave reviews for our great sponsors for member of the month September.
Thanks to everyone



Congrats to both @josh and @EdwardChase. Both of you are welcome assets to I am certain that both of you are going to be pleased with what you receive from @Iron_Junkie_Labs and @MPG.

Thank you for all your contributions to our community and a shout out to the sponsors who have generously supported the Member of the Month Promotion for September, 2018.

Gentlemen please share a comprehensive review of the products you receive at the very least. This will provide additional credibility for our promotions and encourage sponsors to participate in the future.



That’s awesome! Thanks for the great news… and also congrats @EdwardChase!


Most definitely will share and wish and hope the best of luck for any and all contestants in future competitions. Thank you UGM for holding the member of the month contest!


Congrats to both of you and thank you for your dedication to the board!



Congrats guys .


Thanks bro


The more reviews and the more lab work postings we can provide to benefit our members and sponsors the more they will be beating down our doors to participate.

Look for future updates of the improvements that are being made to promotion opportunities.

@TrenGod @Bigmurph


Congrats fella’s


Congrats guys. @EdwardChase Please email us at [email protected]


Congrats to both winners…well deserved. Many your gains be great. Good luck to both of ya.


Congratulations y’all


also @MPG much appreciation for you joining in the contest!


Congrats winners! That’s cool that sponsors are involved.


MAJOR CONGRATS @josh :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::clap::clap::clap::clap:


CONGRATULATIONS @EdwardChase !!:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::muscle::muscle:


Thanks bro… Now lets get you into the 2019 NO EXCUSES Comp :crossed_fingers::fist_left::muscle::ok_hand:


Awesome job @josh. After watching you constantly being active i had no doubt you could win!


Congrats fellas!