Member of the month contest 4/1-4/30 SPONSORED BY UNITED GEAR


2 masteron pr


Nice…masteron can compliment any cycle.


No pictures or thanks to @UNITED??


I have not gotten it yet he said would send it over the weekend, also expressed my gratitude to him and i will do it publicly right her and now…please forgive my lack of manners; i was just waiting to receive it


I would like to thank UNITED GEAR first for sponsoring the contest and second for giving me the awesome opportunity to choose 2 bottles of masteron propionate, which am extremely grateful for.Thanks indeed .


I was just busting your balls brother nothing serious just jokes lol


Wow !!! you got me good…good; i felt so bad, so bad. I love you Big brother


United =s class.


Yes sr


Again congrats brother, youll have it this week!


thank you so much


I wanna say: Thanks United Gear for the 2 vials of Masteron P you have sent me…AWESOME!!!


Can I get an updated list, Thanks.


nice win brother more contests to come


Thanks beloved